"Sculpting a Galaxy" book in November

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by alienscollection.com, Feb 27, 2006.

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    ohhhhh can't wait to find out what "goodies" are in this one ......

  3. RedTwoX

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    Oh yeah, I'll be buying that. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. temponaut

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    Am I reading this right? There will be a $50.00 edition and a $295.00 edition, and both of them are hardback? Is the difference between them, then, the goodies?

    Can hardly wait to find out what those goodies are, as nwjedidave said. Especially if they account for the $245.00 difference in the price. :confused

    And, yes, I'll be buying a copy with goodies. :D Thanks for the link.
  5. steveo

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    Ok, this sounds interesting, but I certainly hope this will be majorly OT and not PT, because honestly, I'm tired of looking at pictures of CGI models.
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    Of course, more models were made and used in each PT movie alone than the entire OT combined.
  7. AT-AT Luvah

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    Bet dollars to doughnuts that this book will be prequel-trilogy heavy given the substantial increase in documentation of this part of the film-making process.
  8. frosty

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    Wow, sounds like a must have, wonder what the extra goodies will be?
  9. propsculptor

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    I'm really interested in seeing more about this...

    Sounds really Cool :D
  10. phase pistol

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    Since the goodies in the "Dressing A Galaxy" deluxe edition were costume swatches, perhaps this time it'll be bits of Death Star surface or something. B)

    - k
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    BTW this is interesting

    Amazon.com Sales Rank: #18,349
    Yesterday: #276,697

    Apparently a few folks placed preorders. :lol
  12. Jack Bauer

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    Yeah I preordered this baby. A MUST have.

    I also can't wait for the "The New Essential Guide to Droids" and "The New Essential Guide to Alien Species" books.

    And in 2007 "Origin of the Death Star". SWEET.
  13. lonepigeon

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    Glad to hear that. I'm actually doing the art for the New Essential Guide to Alien Species right now.
    :end cheap self-promotion plug. :)

    The modeling book should be something.
    I'll most likely watch Overstock.com for that to show up.
    I preordered the costume book from there for $165.
  14. Probe Droid

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    A promo for the book came into my office today. Unfortunately, it's only about 8 pages, so there's not much to go on (what's there is nice--Death Star, Watto, Geonosis, Star Destroyer), but at least the cover letter has a name I can contact for more info. I'll find out what's included in the $395 edition.
  15. vaderdarth

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    I saw what the extra goodies are that are included in the deluxe edition of the book. Actually pretty impressive stuff. There is a miniature landspeeder with four separate figs: Luke Obiwan C3PO and R2D2 and also several miniature deathstar surface pieces. All these are from the original filming miniatures. Not sure if they are only maquettes used in planning the final props or not. Regardless....I have seen all the pieces documented before. I wanna say I saw them on the sideshow collectibles site. There were pics of the pieces included as well. There is yet another prop reproduction pictured on the book cover itself. It's MR's Upcoming M. Falcon.... Very nice cover art indeed. Looks pretty promising to me. :)


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  16. Probe Droid

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    Couple'o pix:
    iniside pages

    rear cover
  17. SithLord

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    I didn't know they would be having characters in the volume set....I wonder if Darth Vader will make an appearance inside...after all...his armor components were sculpted....

    I thought it was just going to be ships/miniatures....if so they could have called it "Kit-Bashing a Galaxy" :D
  18. vaderdarth

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    Sithlord, I too was suprised that something besides the ships/sets would be in this volume. I guess they can technically go with anything that is sculpted. I'd love to see some OT costume sculpts in this book. That would rock. I can never get enough of those. I understand this book is about 50:50 OT versus Prequel. That is better than I had hoped for.

    Dave :)
  19. Probe Droid

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    Yes, unlike the similar Dressing A Galaxy book of last year, this covers all 6 films. Unfortunatly, the materials I have don't include a table of contents, so I can't provide specifics, but I'll be getting a review copy at the end of September, about 2 months before the book hits stores, so will provide an early preview then.
  20. GKvfx

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    There are scans of the entire brochure over at StarshipBuilder.com

    It is my understanding that the book is more of an art book, with the models photographed nicely against a white backdrop, as opposed to a Chronicles-type book with behind the scenes stuff. At least that's the impression that the brochure gives. The deluxe edition (or whatever the pricier version is being called) will also include a DVD that has more photos in it along with interviews. And the aforementioned toys.

    The OT will be sharing pages with the Prequels, but ironically, there are probably more models from the prequels than the OT if you include all the maquettes and art dept models (and the book does cover these). I know, we all have a soft spot for the OT, but hopefully, there will be a nice balance.

    I was able to look through the Dressing a Galaxy Uber-Edition earlier this summer. If the Sculpting a Galaxy presentation is as nice as the Dressing book, it will make really cool addition to my bookshelf (though the shelf will likely have to be reinforced.....)

  21. Probe Droid

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    <div class='quotetop'></div>
    From what I have, it's a bit of both.
  22. forttusken

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    I bought the Dressing Deluxe edition for my Wife, now it will be time for her to make the circle complete. I can't wait to get this one. The extras sound great.

    Shelf reinforcement is a must with these books.

    Does anyone know if there will be any other books like this about Star Wars? Perhaps one covering droids etc?
  23. OldKen

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    no to start another AA debate...

    but im curious to see if any credit will be given to whoever sculpted the stormtrooper faceplates??? :unsure

    man, how detailed is the landspeeder/figs that come with it, i dont know that ive ever seen up close pics of the filming miniature...

    how close is it?

    who made them?

    that would be a big deciding factor in getting the pricey edition...
  24. forttusken

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    <div class='quotetop'>(oldken @ Aug 23 2006, 10:47 PM) [snapback]1305959[/snapback]</div>
    Lorne Peterson resculpted them especially for the book and they are 6.5" long. Apparently the originals of that size were lost. They will come with the figures as well. The Barnes & Noble site has the most information I could find and well as the best price so far. There are pictures around of the unpainted models but I think they will come painted. I know the model commonly on exhibit was much larger perhaps 18" as it was sized for 12" GI-Joe figures.
  25. Eagle

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    You have a wife who likes Star Wars? Where can I get one of those?... :confused
  26. forttusken

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    You have a wife who likes Star Wars? Where can I get one of those?... :confused

    I guess I am just lucky. It helps that they went all out in the Prequals on Padme's costumes but she enjoys the storyline too. :D
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