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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by hydin, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. hydin

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    i love these commercials. i really do.

    the best thing about these (besides the main guy), has got to be the "switch" he has. he has this sheer joy look when he hits it. since i will never own a VW, this switch will be the closest to VW joy i will have.

    the only other prop I saw that had the same effect of "HAHAHAH CRAP GOTTA OWN IT" had to be the "Magic Server Fixing Pixie Dust" from IBM a few years ago (and its still on my shelf). the "universal adapter" was cool, but the egg was just a lot easier to make ;) .

    i cant find these commercials to dload, so if someone can cap the button switch, id appreciate it. chances are i can find the same make/model if not one really close.

  2. PantheraGem

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    You talking about the commercials with Peter Stormare ("Fargo", "The Lost World", "The Brothers Grimm", etc.)?

    I can't help you, but I do agree those are some of the best commercials in quite a while. Right up there with the Robert Loggia "Florida Orange Juice" commercials from years back. Unfortunately, they will probably go over a lot of people's heads and not last too long, just like the Loggia commercial.
  3. weaselflinger

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    You can just pause the video and use the print screen button on your keyboard and then paste it into a photo editing program. At least that's how I got the cap for my avatar.
  4. acerocket

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    Here is the link to the thread SurferGeek posted with links to the videos: VW commercials

    In the three commercials, he uses three different control boxes. I assume you are talking abou the pendant style conrtol box in the commercial where they drop the container on the 'lame'. If so, then this is a mushroom switch. I would have to get a screencap also to tell you the exact size (but I have no idea how to do screencaps). Anyways, hope this helps.
  5. Nexus6

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    Best I could do on short notice:

  6. hydin

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    thanks nexus.

    and yes, those are the commercials. i didnt pay very close attention though. now i gotta decide which of the 3 to actually replicate...

    ill work something out :D

  7. muttley

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    Man. that switch would rule. I got on my own roll a couple weeks ago for VW commercial porps, but it was my first attempt at scupting and I kinda gave up (too busy with other stuff...dangit) anyways here's a bad attempt at a FAST.


    keep us posted on that switch, I crack up at those commercials and it might be fun addition.
  8. Robot Monster

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    Thoes gloves look like he is about to do a "different kind" of inspection..

  9. Rodann

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    It's a red Emergency Stop button. Aside from the commercials being funny as hell, I laugh whenever I see him push that button- it's for STOPPING a machine in an emergency......not STARTING it. :lol

    The kind he used in the "You got a F./LAME/Dropped it like it's hawt" commercial, was the type you see hanging from the ceiling in a warehouse or factory, when someone (in a movie) reaches up and pushes something on it. The button STAYS down when you press it, shutting everything off- especially if somebody just lost a finger- and you have to turn it to release it.

    There's one, if not two, on every machine at work. I made the glowing eye on my custom Mando bucket out of an old illuminated one.

    Now if Ford would only stop those REALLY LAME "Beep Beep." commercials. :rolleyes

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