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Screen Used Obi-won saber


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meet up with a friend and local prop collector last night for his birthday and following my discussion with him at his birthday meal, he told me of his recent props that he's bought and that he is selling his screen used obi-won fighting light saber from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, 1999

I asked if I could see it and take some pictures but it's now in a London Auction soon to be sold off:cry totaly gutted and told him off for not telling me sooner about it.

really gutted he did not tell me sooner that he had this in his collection as I've would of loved to held a screen used prop from one of the Star Wars films

here's the link
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he's also showing his prop collection soon at local museum which I'll get some more info on in the new year

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I was just looking at this in the upcoming prop auctions only a few days ago. Certainly out of my price range, but a very cool item for display
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