Screen Used Judge Dredd stuff


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This will only be an interest thread at first to judge if there is a marketability for some screen used Judge Dredd movie props..

Judge Hunter Helmet
Judge Hunter Chest Armor

A full Judge Hunter costume..only thing missing is the belt buckle..
I do have a spare buckle for the entire costume.

Judge Hunter Gun (This included with the full costume)

Stunt Street Judge shoulder armor

Wooden Baton used in the alley scene against the War Robot

Screen Used Firing Lawgiver

Screen Used Lawgiver Holster

Please contact me via PM if you are interested and what pieces you are interested in...
Also if you require additional information please PM me with yur questions..



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As I have stated above.
This is only an interest thread..

If you PM'd me and I replied and the prices are a bit high..
Don't worry..
I will be consulting some notiable Prop Collectors to see what the current value of the pieces are.

The prices will be coming down..

I will contact you via PM to verifiy the prices if you are interested.



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Yeah, that would make it the Stallone version anyway.......not that there's anything wrong with that! Hee, Hee.:lol:sick