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Screen Used Edgar Bladder Suit MIB


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This is one of the coolest things I’ve owned in my movie prop collection! An Edgar transformation rig from Men In Black. This bladder suit was made for use during the climax of the film, where Edgar pulls his human skin off to reveal his true form. This suit consists of a rubber bladder vest, a second bladder vest worn on top, complete with a foam latex back skin, and a rubber bladder cowl and neck with foam latex skin.

For understanding of what I know, this is one of the the only screen used transformation form for the Edgar bug. Originally Rick Baker and his crew made a life size Edgar bug puppet for the climax transformation of the movie. However there was concern about the time it would take to shoot the massive piece, a decision was made to forego the puppet in favor of an all-CG more bug-like character.

Each bladder piece includes attached tubing that was used to create an expanding effect. The skin is detailed with grey and brown paint to achieve an insect-like look. The items in this lot show some wear due to production use, such as slight tears and hardened foam latex.


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Incredible piece--thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more of your collection!

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