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Hey everyone I am acquiring this screen used attack of clones duelling saber( no blade yet unfortunately) I’m looking to get some more back story to go along if anyone can help, history, how many were made /out there. Any on set/bts photos of them. Would be great to add it along to the display as a document. Hoping there is a saber resource or something? Any help would be awesome!!

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Happy to help if I can. I have handled and own quite a few screen used prequel sabers from all three films. As to how many were made - for Attack of the Clones the answer is A LOT. A lot of stunt bladed sabers like this we’re created. I’m only aware of a handful of Ep.2 Obi-Wans like this in private hands. A very used and battered but gorgeous complete example with blade was auctioned off by a number of years back. There is a ton of bts reference photos from the making of the prequels showing off these pieces. If you want to email me for anything specific, feel free. Attaching a pic of some of my collection on public display during the run up to the release of Ep.9. Also note that what you have is technically not a “dueling” version of this prop. It is a resin stunt version used in conjunction with a blade for filming when Obi-wan would have an ignited saber, but for any filming of actual saber on saber theatrical combat, the prop saber hilts used were completely smooth for ease of handling and twirling. I am aware of only one of these in private hands from Attack of the Clones and that came from stunt coordinator Nick Gillard’s personal question. And no “dueling” versions of this particular saber were utilized in the second prequel as Obi-Wan never actually duels against another saber with this particular hilt in the film (he has lost this saber and replaced it with a generic Jedi “clan” saber when he fights Dooku at the end). Anyway - happy to help. Congrats on the saber prop pick up. Sabers are the best!


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