Screen used ANH Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet

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Hi all.. from the Jersey Shore..

My father was a PR Executive at 20th Century Fox during the making of the Star Wars movies.

We have an original, screen used Stormtrooper helmet. I honestly have to tell you I don't know much about it except what my father always told me. He was in the business, did publicity on Star Wars, and collected a lot of stuff when he was there.

I'm NOT trying to sell it, just trying to get an idea of what it is worth, or where to go to find out what it is worth.

Thank you much... Pat


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Will get pics posted tomorrow. Thanks. It is without the rubber head stripe, and obviously well handled. But, original as can be.


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Awsome!!! Get pics up soon so we can all drool over it.My guess on price depending on how complete it is or if it's actually ANH would be between $50000-$80000.But it depends on the market too.

Now get those pics up so we can screen match it.



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:pOh and cast it for us too. That way we can have replicas and you can make money while keeping the helmet for good.:p


Wow, I'd love to see pic. I'd imagine it's worth quite a lot! But I suppose the only way to know for sure is to put it up for auction and see how much it sells for ;)


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Welcome to another Jersey collector! We'd all love to see pics, and be prepared for the inevitable discussion about "is it really from ANH?"
Welcome to another Jersey collector! We'd all love to see pics, and be prepared for the inevitable discussion about "is it really from ANH?"

He never said it was from ANH. He said his father was a PR exective during the making of the Star Wars movies so it could potentially be ROTJ. It could also be a promotional item.

Saying that I hope it is ANH and we can place it on screen :)

As for value I would say it is worth what the people at an auction are willing to pay and judging by recent auctions you could be looking at $40,000 to $100,000

I am looking forward to seeing photographs and hearing a bit more of the back story on this helmet.

Thanks for sharing this psdumas

Exciting stuff :thumbsup

My bad. I read the first post and clearly in all my excitement missed ANH in the thread title :lol

Still would love to see snazzy pics to make sure it is ANH.


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This is a familier story -

I get this about once every couple of years, someone hears that I worked for Lucasfilm, then tells me a story about thier Dad/Mom/borther/Sister/wife/husband/etc. that used to work for LFL's Accountant/gardner/hairstylist/whatever, and they obtained some mask (usually) or other prop they claim was in the movie, and either they never get around to showing it to me, or it's a Don Post mask or other type merchandise. The last one was a few months ago, they still had it in the the original Don Post carboard box !

In all fairness, most people who are not in the industry (Or not members of the RPF !) don't realize movie props don't come in printed cardboard boxes. (At least none that I have seen !)

But, you never know, this guy just might be the real deal.


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"Let's go screw with the fanboys at the RPF!"

He could be on the up and up but I have heard his story WAY to much over the years and it does not really make sense.
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