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Want to Buy Screen-accurate Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) jacket

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by Loki of Asgard, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Loki of Asgard

    Loki of Asgard Member

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    I seem to remember there being a thread from a long while back, made by someone who was at the time offering screen-accurate Winter Soldier jacket commissions; I kept abreast of the thread and the in-progress pics being posted, as best I could, but that was quite some time ago and I haven't been able to locate that thread again. I wasn't sure if anyone would know of it, or of the person who was offering them, and hence whether they would still be willing to do so?

    In any event, I am seeking a commission of a screen-accurate Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier jacket from, of course, "Winter Soldier". Additionally, if possible, I would like to see about being able to work with possibly the same person or commissioner towards Bucky Barnes' "Civil War" jacket gear as well? Of course we don't have much of anything yet to go on in the way of proper reference pics and materials for that one, I'm aware, but that will change as time goes on and the trailer and so forth are released. :) Ideally, for that one, I'd like to be able to work with a commissioner such that it could be completed in time for Emerald City Comic Con (April 2016). The "Winter Soldier" jacket is, of course, the first thing though....and certainly I'll sincerely appreciate being steered in the right direction on this one! :D Thanks so very much to all, in advance!

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