SCREAM 2022!


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I have seen every single Scream movie in the theater since 1996. I only found out about it when I saw the band Republica that same year and they had lobby cards with Scream on it.
I was a bit disappointed with this one. I was rewriting it in my head as I walked to the car. Their are so many easy things they could have done to have it make more sense.
I had the one murderer down and the other pretty quickly right after. The motivation was paper thin. That is the one thing that is bugging me. One or two tweaks and it would have simply been much better.
The killings were BRUTAL. More brutal in a way that hasn't happened in the series before.
I also thought Ghostface himself was a pleasure to watch. He was just fun.
And that second to last murder... THAT one was one of the better, more exciting ones. Terrible to say when you are talking about stabbings but whatever lol.
I will be interested to see what happens now.

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