SCREAM 2 robe replica - review


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As of this posting, I have only "cell phone" pics taken in the mirror - they will have to do for now. I have a more in-depth and professional photo shoot planned sometime soon, so please check back for those.

On to the robe....
This is a Scream 2 "Velcro" V.3 Sparkle robe by Public Enemy Studios. This was purchased outside of Ebay, though his robes have been available via Ebay consistently as of late.

Unfortunately, my version does NOT have slits under the wrists to let your hands out, so handling props and items with the baggy gloves on proves to be difficult but not impossible. Having drinks and smoking cigarettes at parties will simply require pulling your arm out of the sleeve and letting your arm out from under the robe. PE does offer robes with hand openings if you require that feature. Mine was purchased already made and got a bit of a deal on it so I'm not complaining.

The length of the robe was a littel TOO long when I tried it on. The frayed ends were touching the ground which made walking a delicate procedure and using stairs a dangerous, I opted for an easy fix:
I simply cut about 3" off each tassle and re-cut the slits. Now, the robe falls at just the right spot - enough to see my brand new jet black boots and is very easy to walk up and down stairs in.

The sparkle fabric is VERY accurate. Though this is a S2 version robe, I'd say the sparkle fabric more closely resembles what was used in Scream 3. It has a great weight to it and flows nicely. The arm streamers are double sided, sewn together.

The velcro closure is very well done - very accurate to what was used in the movies. The velcro closure runs about halfway down the front. I really don't see opening it much since I put the robe on over my head anyway. It'd be cool to have a 'worn' bullet proof vest to wear under the robe and open the velcro closure to show it off.

The hood is one of my favorate parts of this robe.
The shape and drape is exactly what I wanted it to be which is suprising since this is a 'generic sized' robe and not custom tailored for my specific body measurements.
There is JUST the right amount of foam used to give the hood the correct body/shape and also has a sewn-in strip of velcro under the top with a matching piece to attach to the mask - just like the real movie robes.

The fabric overall has a nice weight to it even though it feels thin. This is attributed mainly to the sheer volume of the fabric used for the robe. Wearing this out on chilly October nights will require a nice black thermal underneith as you can feel the elements quite well through the fabric.

As you will see in the photos below, the sparkle shows up very subtle on camera without flash. With flash I'm sure you will see it all sparkled up. The sparkles capture light very well, but also are very hidden in low-light surroundings - it is VERY cool fabric. I'd say the best shot to match it to on-screen is the scene in part 3 where Dewey and Gale discover the costume and voice changer in the closet at the mansion. That's EXACTLY how this fabric looks in person.

A friend of mine is house-sitting a very big and expensive house until it sells, so we plan on doing my robe photoshoot there sometime next week. There are a lot of great angles in the house to take pics in - I will also have a helpless female victim to pose with me, so please keep your eye on this thread for those pics when they come.

So in the end, I am VERY happy with this robe. It was quite expensive, but I am happy to know that what I got for it was one of the most (if not THE most) accurate and quality Ghostface robes available on the market. The shipping, communication and all-around service was exactly what every buyer wishes for - FIVE big stars all the way.

Please try and enjoy the crappy pics I had to take with my cell phone. I promise better ones soon....




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Thanks, but I'm really itching to get some better photos done soon. This robe is really sick and despite the price tag, it is well worth it once you have it on.


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Some better pics.
No full-body shots yet, I will get those during my next photo shoot planned to be taken in a house-setting.
The knife is a Funworld costume store version painted by me and used my own special formula faux blood which I call "Reelblood" - it is what I use to prepare my "Dexter" blood slides for our replica Dexter Trophy boxes.








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Hey GeneralFROSTY,
Your robe looks awesome, I have one of the Scream 2 Robes used in the opening theater scene that I bought a few years ago (yours definitely has that sparkle fabric just like the screen used robes and it adds just so much more to the costume) Looks great, I love the 'Reelblood' on the knife too :D Just a handful of days away, Happy Halloween!!


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That is pretty sweet. Having watched Scream and Scream 4 on Bluray recently (so, I didn't really think the other two warranted an upgrade from DVD) gives me much more of an appreciation for the costume. It's actually funny that it's supposed to be a cheap store bought costume... when you'd never get those materials or craftmanship from a cheap store bought costume.


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Appreciate the compliments - they all go to Public Enemy Studios for crafting such a fine reproduction of the robe!
I know they also offer styles from all the movies as each robe had its own unique details and features.
PM me if you want contact info to get one - warning though, they are NOT cheap - but worth it if you're serious about owning a movie-quality replica.


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Karaoke night fun.
My best buddy Steve as Thor of course and me rocking the Ghosface costume. Had to wear the mask sparingly that night as singing into a microphone and drinking with it on - not to mention socializing - was not happening.


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I have one of these robes (no longer being made) as well as a Fearsome Faces mask with original tags up for sale in the Junkyard (on Ebay) if anyone is interested. Thanks.
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