Scratchbuilt Wedge Antiles X Wing Helmet


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Scratchbuilt Wedge Antilles X Wing Helmet

First of all, this is my first thread and I’m from Germany, so please excuse if my english isn't the best. I always wanted to have an X-Wing Helmet, but the kits you can buy on ebay are quite expensive, so I decided to build my own one. I started by designing the helmet in CAD. I optimized the CAD file with MeshLab and made a pepakura file out of it. The first helmet I built seemed a bit small so I decided to scale it up and do the paperwork again.
This is what I ended up with:
Then I gave it two coats of Resin and fiberglassed it. I did one surface by the time and sanded off the excess Material to get nice sharp edges.
When the outside was completely fiberglassed, I applied a coat of fiberglass on the inside to give it more strength.
Then I gave it two coats of Bondo and sanded it for hours. I did again one surface by the time. Then I gave it a coat of gloss white paint to see if there are any imperfections left.
From this state on it was nearly always the same process- applying bondo and sand it down again….
I masked off the unfinished surfaces so I could paint the sanded ones. I used green paint to prime it, just because it was a cheap discounter color that I didn’t need anymore.
When everything was sanded smooth, I gave it a few coats of white gloss paint.
Then I test fitted the edge trim and glued the end cap to the Mohawk. I built the end cap with styrene plates, which I hot glued together and filled with bondo. The inlay was built using plexiglass. Sadly I didn’t take any photos of this process.
When this was done, I decided to add more details then I wanted in the first place. I started with the “strap holders”. I built them using a 5mm thick piece of plexiglass, which I sanded to the right dimensions. I used two M3 screws per side to attach them to the helmet and used bondo to fit it to the right shape of the helmet at the contact surface.
Then I started to build the “Horns” on the backside of the Helmet. I used a lot of bondo to build the rough shape. Then I sanded it to the right shape. It was quite tricky to get the right shape done, but finally I think I got it.
When both sides were done, I gave it a few more coats of white paint. So that’s what the Helmet looked like when it got its basecolor.
Now I could finally paint it. I decided to make it to an Wedge Antilles Return of the Jedi Helmet. So first I masked off the two upper surfaces and painted it with a moss green.
Then I masked off the areas that will become black and spraypainted it.
Then I masked off the yellow/black stripe on the Mohawk and the decal on the sides of the Helmet. So that’s what it looked like after this.
Then I masked off the “Dot Decals” and painted them.
Finally my favorite part: the weathering. I used some light green color to give the moss green surface some highlights and mixed some black acrylic paint with lots of water and a bit soap to weather the rest of the helmet. So that’s how the finished Helmet looks.
In the next weeks I will build the interior. I hope you like this thread and I’d be happy if you’d leave a comment.
Welcome to the RPF.

Awesome first post.
I like the weathering of your helmet. It looks as if the helmet has seen some dogfights during a rebellion ;)

I wanted a X-Wing helmet since I saw one on the cinema screen back in the 90s.
Haven't one yet, so maybe you are going to share the pepakura files?
Wow! Stunning work! I have struggled to model this helmet and think that you have made a superb job. It wasn't until I tried to make one that I realised how hard this helmet is to shape. PM being sent your way! :thumbsup :D
Hey guys,

thanks for the nice comments:)

I got a little update on the Helmet... I wanted to build a stand for the Helmet so I could present it a little bit nicer.
I started off with an 18mm thick wooden board , which i brought into shape with a jigsaw and finally shaped it with my lathe.
I milled a 20mm Hole into the bottom of the wooden board, so i could fit a washer and a nut into it. I stained the wood black and gave it three coats of a semi gloss clear lacquer.
Then I cut a M8 threaded rod to lenght, fitted an aluminum pipe over it and attached it to the baseplate.


On the upper end of the stand i attached a 4mm thick Plexiglass plate, which I also lathed into shape and secured it with a M8 nut.


I wanted to add the Rebel Logo to the baseplate, so i cut out the Logo from a adhesive white foil using a scalpel and sticked it to the baseplate.


And here is my helmet on the finished stand:


I hope you like it;)
Awesome job Sneezo! Really well done. The weathering really finishes this off well.

I'd also like to get my hands on your pepakura file if that's OK :$? PM being sent.
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