Scratchbuilt Studio Scale Snowspeeder WIP


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That speeder has seen better days!!! I love its dirtyness .. Great job on the paint work!!!


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As someone with a bit of history with studio scale snowspeeders, I can really appreciate the hard work and skills that you have put into this build. Looking very nice indeed.. :)


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Thanks guys for the feedback. Good to hear from you Nick, I've always admired your work, the speeder you mastered was fantastic, I could never imagine trying to make a kit of this thing.


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Stormy, you are so right, I have no idea how to take a good picture and I have been trying, I even got a decent digital camera, a Panasonic Lumix. I've taken photography classes in Art college many years ago, the only thing I was good at was spontaneous outdoor shots, very quick shutter speeds. Most people take better shots with their phones. Do you have any suggestions?


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Hey guys just wanted to give an update on the model. The hull is complete and assembled. I just finished detailing the blasters and attached them. I just have to finish the cockpit and harpoon gun. I really tried to make the pics better and hope you agree. Your opinions are welcome.
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Thanks again guys.
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