Scratchbuilt mixed-media Fire Raptor


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Hi all,

I've been working on a scratchbuilt Fire Raptor. The main construction is done, and the assembled interior is painted, but I still have some detail to put on the outside before I can start painting it up.

The main build log is over at, so I'll only post an excerpt of photos from the journey here, to keep it short and sweet.

Basically, I started with a template called "Fire raptor v3", which was apparently cobbled together from two other templates, one of which named "Fire raptor v2". I have been told that the original author is Alex Belyaev, who posts on the Warhammer Paperfabricators FB group.

The template is mostly accurate. There are some measurements that are clearly wrong when compared with the official Forgeworld model, but I tried to work around them as much as I could. I improvised a lot of detail, scratchbuilding the interior, engine intakes, wings, etc. using the template as base and extrapolating from there.

I added/improvised a fair number of moving parts on the bird:
* the rear ramp, top hatch can open, flaperons, wingtip exhausts and canopy are all hinged
* the two ballturrets can swivel, the canons can tilt, and the turret hatches are magnetized
* the landing gear are removable, and the covers can be closed
* the top section of the bird is removable, so the interior is visible.

She is built (as usual) from paper, cereal packaging, index card and chipboard, with various bits of plastic rod and bits and pieces thrown in.

The pilot and gunner figurines are all cast from a master that I sculpted out of greenstuff and poly clay.

Here are the pictures:
oIMG_6056.JPG IMG_6073.JPG IMG_6096.JPG IMG_6098.JPG IMG_6099.JPG IMG_6106.JPG IMG_6152.JPG IMG_6194.JPG IMG_6195.JPG IMG_6206.JPG IMG_6213.JPG IMG_6228.JPG IMG_6250.JPG IMG_6255.JPG IMG_6294.JPG


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I know absolutely nothing about gaming but I have always love their aesthetic. Fantastic work dude!!
Hi Chaank, thanks for stopping by! Funny thing is, I've never played a game of 40k in my life. But the models and aesthetic fascinate me too. Thanks!

Looks great! Primer always brings it together... Get 'er done so we can see
Cheers korben, it's on its way :)