Scratch Pepakura Pipboy 3000


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In prep for Halloween this year I wanted to make another Pipboy 3000. I did one last year using FullMetalSam's awesome layered build.

pipboy alterations by kender325, on Flickr

This year I wanted something a little more accurate, but I couldn't find a good pep file for it. So I've been doing one from scratch. Snagged the mesh from in game, cleaned up said mesh (nightmare) Scratched the first attempt. Second attempt isn't the best. The mark two is ok. There are some errors where the pieces line up.

Here it is in SketchUp8

Here is the Mark 2 Gauntlet.

Did not like the way the Mark 2 peped. Way to many small bits that can lead to confusion of assembly Partly because some pieces are so small that they require tweezers or such to glue up.

I did work on how the hinge would work. I decided to only go with a partial split gauntlet. The elbow portion is a full ring and only splits towards the middle of the gauntlet.

Due to the errors I started a New build. Hope to release a mark 3 sometime after the new year that can be used as either a full pep build or where the gauntlet can be made in sections in a layered method.

Here is the Gauntlet so far. As you can see I separated all the major components into sub assemblies or to use as templates for a layered build.


Gone so far as to even to unfold it.


Pep Opn Eg by kender325, on Flickr

Currently working on the rest of the main body. Will release once I've tested the build and satisfied with the results.
Lot's of open edges there. If you're still looking for a good Pip-Boy file look at my started threads and I have a unfolded file of one. Good luck.
Those open edges are there for a reason. I wanted a way to make templates for a layered build. The picture above the one you are referring to has a better angle.

The Pipboy being as small as it is makes it difficult to get into some of the tighter areas for the average builder. So I went with smaller sub assemblies. The Gauntlet seams to be the hardest part for most people so wanted a different approach. And that's where I started.

Glad someone else had the same idea and giving the pipboy some much needed love.

For some reason the files I had on 4share no longer upload correctly and I lost all my files in a hard drive failure. I never completed a mark three as life happens and I just never got back to it. Sorry for those wanting it. At some point I may revisit and if so I'll add to this post.

I'm by no means a master at 3d molding. I made lots of errors here. Some of them due to my lack of pep experience as well. Mark 3 should be much better since this is a huge learning experience for me.
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Mr. GeekFather, I want to say that your designs and modeling look great, and that I would love to build one of these!! But the links all lead to the download of the gauntlet portion, and I was wondering if you could please fix that? Please and Thank You!!
PM me your E-mail and I'll send them to you. Also which version would you prefer? The full build where the gauntlet portion unfolds or the layered gauntlet version to use as a templates? Also the Links work for me. You may need to get the latest version of Java.
I sent you a PM. I would prefer the full build, Please and Thank You. Also, the links will send me to 4shared, but all the download buttons download the gauntlet portion only..
sorry guys I had a hard drive crash and lost them. I know some folks on here have the full files but I don't recall who at this time. The mark 2 is not a finished product.
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