Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder FINISHED!!!


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Hi Guys,
I have only been a member for a few days now. I have wanted to join a site like this for a long time now, but have been affraid because of all the fantastic projects I have seen displayed on this site. I have been an avid modeler all my life, however, I am no where near the professionalism I have seen here. But I have decided to face my fear and post pictures of my very first scratch build that I have completed. I figured who better to give me constructive critisism than the artists like you who know what they are talking about. So please, I would very much appreciate it if you would give me your thoughts and critiques on my first project, and let me know where I need to improve.
Thanks a lot!

Just fyi, i have begun to post my WIP on this thread as well. I hope you like it and enjoy!
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Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

I wish my first model would look like this. Oh, I wish ALL my models would look like this :lol. Looks fantastic.
Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

That is perhaps the best painted snowspeeder I have seen here to date and thats up against some rare talents like REL and Guy Gowen. And you scratched built it as well. Theres very little here I can see that can be faulted at all. The weathering is very good, its damn difficult to get it right with those whites. I'm in the middlel of converting a MR SnowSpeeder and modeling those pilots to scale is a bit of a task, but you've done it well! Lot to be proud of here, great job.
Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

Wow that's great! I like how you have the open panel on the port side for something different. I am currently working on my Ss snowspeeder. Spent or should I say wasted 2 hrs with my airbrush only to find I darkened the whole thing too much. Back to the start .

What color did you use as a base coat? If you don't mi d me asking.
Nice work... Keep it up.
Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

Hey guys, thank you for the positive comments! I wasn't sure how I would be accepted. to answer your question about the base color, I used flat light aircraft gray and then just did a very light wash in black over it.
Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

Thanks.... Mine looked fine in grey primer until I completely stuffed it. It just so happens I have a couple of tins of aircraft light gre around here.! My next step was insignia white over black which gives a nice shade of grey but I just used that on one of my x wings so I'll give the light grey a go.

Also did you take pix of the build up ? Or paint process. People around here love build threads.
Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

Hello again, yes I am planin on posting a full wip. I have TONS of pics. Im still gettin use to this! This is my first time postin on a site so Im a little slow!:confused
Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

Looks great, your first build, wow, well done. I had to cave in and realise the way i paint, wont work with how i want my speeder to look, so i talked very nicely to a very talented chap i know for some help come the time, im such a loser :lol.

Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

Thanks for the comment about the pilots jedimaster. They were sculpted out of clay. except the faces. Im not very good at sculpting. I just took a couple of heads from models and sculpted the helmets over them. The pilot is Dracula (Aurora) and the gunner is the Wolfman(also Aurora):lol:lol
Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

Thanks ralphee, I think my strong point is my painting cuz I do a lot a drawing and painting, i just need to work on my building. :wacko
Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

That would be awesome work even for the fiftieth time, let alone the first.

The weathering job is amazing!
Re: Scratch Built Studio Scale Snowspeeder

I LOVE IT! I never thought I'd see Bela Lugosi piloting a snowspeeder!! You really nailed the believability factor in your weathering and paint, your dirt, grime, rust and grease looks like the real deal..... instead of just "painted" weathering!! Plus the fact that this is your first scratchbuild......... BRAVO!!!!! Ok, so what's next, I wanna see more from you!
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