Scratch Built Death Star Tower Gun


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I have been working on this to make part of a diorama, nothing exact I researched some pictures and worked with materials I had. I have a coat of primer on and was thinking of a dark gull grey with some light gull grey for a color scheme. I see some blemishes that I may work on sanding down. I also may look for some more parts to add. I guess I will dry brush and hope to use this gun in the back ground for my next build either y-wing or x-wing. Any advise on color or painting help I imagine I will need a few bottles of model master paint for airbrushing something this size.

Thanks for checking it out and any feed back I am still a noob and still learning..






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I don't think it's fair to all the other noobs out there when you call yourself a noob and post photos looking like that. Fantastic work!!


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Thanks for all the kind words!! I am a computer tech for a hospital in Pittsburgh and was able to get some of the gears out of the retired HP printers before they went to recycling and use them for the tracks..
These types of gears can be found in printers and fusers that are often just thown out.

If I get a chance this weekend to make a run to the somewhat local hobby shop I will work on some air brushing and maybe post some more pics..

Thanks again for looking and all the nice comments!!



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I finished adding some parts and painted let me know what you think I am not the best at weathering and need to get some pastels or powders that is so often talked about. I started this hobby in Sept and really have some great ideas of some scratch builds that I would like to try but I am still uncertain how to do certain things, like how do you guys get the nice round edges using styrene? or resin or epoxy which I have not worked with yet? I have a ton of questions as I go..thanks for taking time and answering.
Thanks for all feedback!!!





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Not sure exactly what scale this would be as I looked at different printed pictures and decided that I wanted it to be around 17" including the base. The bottom base is 8" square. Thanks again I used a dark aircraft grey rattle can that I thought I would use up on this. Also ghost grey MM paint that I airbrushed and then looks like maybe I went a little heavy on the flat black it is a bit dirty.. thanks for looking going to start a new model build this weekend and after that I have an idea for a new scratch.
It is really inspiration from this and a few other sites that I see amazing work and just sort of want to jump in!!


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Yes, go get some pastel chalks at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Grind those puppies down and apply. I used these to weather my tower a few years back and they worked out great.
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