Scratch Build: TESB Cloud Car


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Hi All,

I've decided not to make the speeder bike my next model, since I don't feel I can do it justice at the moment (metal casting of front forks got me worried). Instead I'll be scratch building a Cloud Car in Studio Scale. I built one about six years ago, but it wasn't in Studio Scale.

My basic modeling principles for this model are the same as always:

  • I'll be casting copies of parts where possible to save costs and to save parts for later use in other models
  • I'll be modeling it only with the mounting points that I need to display my model and not necessarily with all the mounting points on the studio model
  • I'll be painting it "real-world" instead of studio accurate. Basically I'd like it to look right in daylight versus under studio lighting

Although there are only a few kit parts on the model, there's also not much information I could find in previous threads. I did get one or two part ID's from previous threads and (re-)discovered one or two ID's for myself. A few are still an enigma to me, but perhaps you guys can help with those.

Thanks go out to Michael (3d-builder), Allan (Imaginager) and finally Lasse who inspired me to make my first Cloud Car all those years ago. For your viewing pleasure, here's how far I got six years ago. Thanks for looking!






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Part ID's

So here's what I have so far with regard to kit part ID's. I hope you guys can help me out with the missing two or three parts:

  • 1/24 Airfix Harrier (2 total of 262 or 263 or 264 or 265)
  • 1/12 Tamiya Martini Brabham BT44B 1975 (2xH25)
  • 1/700 Tamiya British Battleship King George (1xH10, 1xH11) or 1x 1/700 British Battleship Prince of Wales (1xH10, 1xH11)
  • 1/700 Tamiya Junyo (2xW36)
  • 1/72 Hasegawa Morser Karl on Railway Carrier (4xF12) or 1x 1/72 Hasegawa Leopold Railway Gun (4xA19)
  • 1/12 Tamiya Martini Brabham BT44B 1975 (4 total of E38 or modified E35)
  • 1/12 Tamiya Martini Brabham BT44B 1975 (1xE35)
  • 2x unknown B
  • 16x unknown rivits






and finally all parts together (some cast some kit parts):

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Hi Julien,

I think you're right! I must have overlooked them when I was scanning the Brabham scans last night. To make it easy to live with myself I'm just going to blame the overexposed kist scans :rolleyes I think I read in Michael's thread you pointed him towards the rivets or screws that were used on the Cloud Car. Could you do the same for me?

Now there's only two parts left. I think the rod like part behind the canopies might be a kit part or at least in combination with stock rod. I really need some reference of the part behind the port (left) side pod to make an ID. If anyone is willing to share a pic of this part I'd be very grateful!

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Marvin, cant be of much help unfortunatly. I bought these button head allen screws for the SS SHuttle but they turned out to be too big. I send them all to Michael for his model. Cant recall the size but I'm sure Michael can put the calipers on the head of one of these to tell you the size, then search for button head allen screws on google ! I got mine from the US because I wanted to get imperial size, but I'm pretty sure you can find a close match in metric size.


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Whoa! Your first build looks awesome. Did you post that here originally?

I like the options in kit parts on this build! :lol Hey, marvin, let me know what size hardware you need. I'll run around here looking for it. If I find it, I'll pick it up and send it to you.


Scott Graham

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Marvin, I'm pretty sure part C is just the brabham, or similar, part cemented on its side instead of upright.

I know the part varies a little from one to the other, even in the same kit, so that's why I say similar.


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@ Michael, Joe: Thanks guys! Building one before should help in deciding how tot tackle a couple of things during this build. And Joe, I might just take you up on that offer when I've identified the imperial size of the allan screws!

@ Scott: You could be right. I just don't have any reference that I can check to confirm. Doesn't anyone know of a link with a couple of nice pictures of the studio model?

@ James, Cayman: I hear you! I like this model BECAUSE it's so different from all other models in the old trilogy, shape and color wise.

I started drawing up plans last night. I'm going by the overall length from Chronicles, but does anyone have one of those pictures of the studio model with the ruler for exact measurements? If I get those plans done this week I should make some progress with the vacuum plugs this weekend. More to come.



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Your initial scratch of the CC is very nice, indeed! This is one of my faves, too (obviously). I think it was Ro (echoleader) whose buildup inspired me to get off my can and build mine. As far as parts, I think I used an F1 shock for the vertical piece at the back of the canopy. I just pulled parts until I found something close, don't think mine's the correct part, though.

Good luck!


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I thought about that too. When I was looking through the Brabham scans the shocks did ring a bell. I also thought about the shocks from the Hanomag. I'm looking for a Brabham right now, maybe I'll make the ID once I have it in hand.

I was impressed with your build up as well. I won't be motorizing the pilots but your build did get me thinking about lighting her up.... we'll see....



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wow. great work on this. this isn't one of my favorite designs but it does look great at studio scale.


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So I finished up the drawings needed for the vacuum plugs. Pretty hard to get right. I had to compensate for the parallax and lens distortion of the reference pics by comparing different views.

Sizing up from the various kit parts I get an overall length of 41,5cm (including the engine cowls on the back) while Chronicles actually states a length of 43cm. I'm pretty confident that my measurements are right. I took the outline I made (dashed line) and took back 1,5mm (line), because I'll be vacforming with 2mm styrene. When formed I'll be sanding back to get the outline shape precisely.

Here's some pics and a link to the file if anyone wants it.

Next up: printing and cutting styrene!









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Yea awesome stuff Marv thanks for sharing......soon you
will have your bucks! What are you using to make yours...
i used Apoxie sculpt i had a mad amount.
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