Scratch build space freighter


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I wasn’t doing much on my other builds past year, but as the winter turn warmer and milder I just could not wait any longer. It was no weather for doing stuff in basement, so I just grabbed few plastic sheets and a knife and build that:

It’s a space freighter.
My hands just itched for building something. Unfortunately photos I took of the proces were lost when my cell phone started to fell apart on me on day. Basically I saw an armored car, while browsing for things on the Net, the shape of the twnties and thirties. I’ve cut the flor from 1,5 mm styrene, glued two walls and got a deep coffin, on witch I’ve glued side walls, stern with engine block, bow and tower. The flor was strenghtened with two wooden sticks. The engine, was to be in two pieces, but it was too heavy, so I made the thing simpler and lighter. It’s heavy still, but not as much. On each side wall theres few cargo doors, and on the back of the tower there will be shuttle, or at least a hatch.
From the beginning the stand was to be from a Bic pen. It simple, and I have a ton of them used up from work. The plug was glued to the wooden stick under the flor with epoxy wonder from Urugway, Poxylina, and strenghten by many styrene bids.
The base it self is a wood piece, cut ages ago. It’s crooked a bit , but it’ll work for now.
That’s that. I’ll glue few patches on her, when the putty dries. Do some windows, put engine exhausts on the engine block and paint her.

Hope you like my new project, witch I want to complete before my leave in may.


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Looks great! I like the shape. I can't wait to see paint.
thanks Alex!

...You know what? It would even look good UPSIDE-DOWN!
The Kazons did it. And as my friend said, "it's a tower, cool". Thanks

Looks like a flying Mayan temple, or some such thing... very appealing!
It does look a bit of Mezoamerican, thanks.

Meanwhile, on our workbench:
Another two weeks, well seems like not so much done. I've did add some more bids, all 1mm thick just to find out that I've got 0,5mm styrene a while back and forgot it. Well it doesn't look so bad in poor light...

I've used a TK tanquette 1:35 model from RPM for parts and funky bids.

The effect is:

I may add some more later.

For the engine I've cut a piece of styrene, and used pincers to craft it around a curved trapezoid.

Now primer, the first coat, that did not even coated the pen lines.

Note the real sun shinning that day, it was nice.

More tomorrow. I hope.

Wes R

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It has an Aliens feel to it like the Nostromo where it's all function and could house a ton of stuff for long trips.


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Thanks guys!
And I like to disregard everything :)
As it is a few tomorrows past, here's a few shots of the 3 coats primered ship, in mid afternoon sun.

She's got some putty on the engine block. There were some little holes. Ugly view. I start to well not hate but dislike Humbrol putty. Or maybe it's just my skills.

Man, I like mondays. I mean I hate them, but this was a very special monday, one of the firsts really warm days, and a day off!


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It's very good looking original model.
I love it!


I hope I'll build it to a good result.

Speaking of wich. I've puttied some micro holes and scratches today, so it means the last coats of primer and then the paint job. But I cant decide how to finish it. Here are some projects done in MS Paint (yes). Just a quickie silhouette and color. Which do you like the most?


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Nice choice , if maintenance craft 10 looks good, 6 and 8 combo for classic gulf colours ;) My favourite !
But any film paint scheme would work......depends on the scale , if it's a larger craft I imagine it should be more subtle shades of greys and black watery mixes , if a single seater for pleasure more colourful
I haven't answered the question lol


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Honestly, IMO none of them really say "freighter" to me, but I dislike #6 the least...

OTOH, I've seen some fairly colorful cabs on 18-wheelers, so I suppose it could work.

Mike J.

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Hmmm, I'm leaning towards #7. Kinda reminds me of the Jawa Sandcrawler.

You know, she might look good with some bold stripes...

...Yeah, #10 is very Chris Foss-y :)

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