Scorpion from Mortal Kombat - Finished!


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Hi all!

This is my first real attempt at a professional level cosplay! Took me around two weeks of working from evening to midnight...
I decided to create a "best of" design for Scorpion so I combined a few different versions of his suit (mainly from the new one and I think one or two of the previous ones).

I don't really have progress shots or stuff like that... Was in a rush to get this finish by yesterday for my office costumes party and competition... Needless to say, I walked around the office with the MK theme song playing on repeat on my phone... And I won 1st place! :)
This is how it came out!


Hope you folks like it!

I was lucky enough to get my measurements right on my first try so no refitting or anything! I'll be happy to share my schematics for this if anyone is even interested.
Asides from the tight pants, ninja boots and sleeveless shirt, everything is hand made/sewn and painted.

I learned a lot in the progress, mainly from Bill Doran's (a.k.a Punished Props) books and helpful video tutorial and posts, also from other youtubers like Evil Ted... I highly suggest following both these guys (and buy their books or anything they offer! They rock!).

I also learned how to improvise due to lack of available tools to buy in my country (and the lack of time to wait for it to arrive via amazon)! So like, if you don't have a heat gun, just use a small room heat dispenser at a close range to the foam! lol:)

Well, again, hope you like this, and I'll be happy to answer question or help others in anyway possible (not that I am experience or professional in any way lol) :)
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