"SciFi BUZZ" on the SciFi Channel anyone remember this show?


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Hey Gang,

I was trying to locate one particular episode from this great show. In fact, the whole show was my first entry into the world of props as a kid so i loved it a lot. the one episode was when they were introducing the Vital Mark 1 Tricorder to the host and the creator of the device showed how it worked etc. does anyone remember that?
I too remind the show, but I don't remember the episode. The only one I can completely remember was the Jurrassic Park episode.
I think this was way back before we got the channel (our cable sucks and we didn't get it or half the others until 2000).
Syfy used to show stuff that was Sci-Fi related? I think you're making this up.

A quick Google search yeilded this: sci fi buzz - Google Search

So it would appear that you are not lying after all.

It was before my time with the network. That's when it was the new guy on the block and very few providers carried it.
I'll have to transfer my episode from VHS and upload it. I don't remember the year, but they came out and did a show at the Hollywood Wax Museum when I was a Curator there. Had to be the mid 90's. I used to dig that show.
If i remember correctly, this show aired around the time that x-files, Xena, Hercules and I think some other show were popular. I remember them going to conventions and interviewing people about start trek and babylon 5. was so much fun to see people doing and collecting stuff that I do now. I need a show to watch like that again.
I remember those Bob segments. He had the Time Machine sitting in his basement right? I remember it would be spinning and lit up.
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