Sci Fi themed desk and original Wardrobe


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Here are some pics of my latest project, dont have tons of skills with building and painting so I am quite happy with the results so far. I have been wanting a more themed desk for my home office where I keep my film used movie wardrobe.
I found one of these locker desks on craigslist for $25 bucks, its was the superbright primary colors to start with, very similar to the first pic. the right side was a set of 3 drawers that were broken, I removed the drawers and made an open backed box for my PC and computer stuff to get tucked away and out of sight. I found some luvered panels at goodwill and added them to both sides of the desk, I panted all the metal parts with a faux hammered metal spray paint, then aged it with black spray, black and brown washes and some sanding. I then dry brused silver overtop.

Now I'm not a fan of the wood grain desktop and keyboard tray, I think it needs something to help re-theme it,
Anyone have ideas? I was thinking some vinyl overlays, maybe those fake carbon fibre auto style ones or just painting it then sealing with a clear coat. My worry is the desk being tacky or sticky after the painting.
Please help me finish off my desk, what should I do?

Also shown is my film used wardrobe collection, everything seen here is film used. Including all the signs from around the Elysium the ship in Pandorum. Besides my Pandorum collection that now takes up half of my display room I have 6 other sci fi wardrobes currently on display can you name them all? Its a game I like to play when "normal' folks visit my home, people like to see if they can guess what film the costumes are from.


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anyone got ideas for doing the wood desk top areas? I'm stumped?
thought of painting but dont want it to be tacky after, also was suggested to try burn marks? not sure what direction to go, thanks!


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You could cover it with some sort of vinyl or leather-like material (at least the top part of the desk). Just distress it a bit to match the sort of industrial feel you already have going on.

You could also paint it or use some artwork to make the table itself look like a computer and then put a glass top over it to protect it.

Personally, I like the idea of adding some kind of scorch marks to it. Anyway, good luck! It looks really great so far :)


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hey thanks for the kind words. I am thinking about trying burn marks, will post updates once I try something. Anyone else have suggestions before I start scorching?
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