Sci Fi Handgun Build.


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Hey there all! This is my first time posting on the RPF and I am happy to be apart of such an amazing and nerdy community. I have only just recently got into prop making and cosplaying (2 months now) But I made this gun here and I was wondering what you all think. It was inspired by the Duke MK handguns from destiny, but it is my own original design. I call it Last Light. Made out of EVA foam and some PVC plastic. So tell me what you think, thoughts, opinions, and criticisms. Thanks!

One hit K.O. (2).JPGOne hit K.O. (8).JPGOne hit K.O. (3).JPGOne hit K.O. (5).JPGOne hit K.O. (13).JPG


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I'm not familiar with the references that had inspired you, but I'd say this is a very worthy effort. Keep up the good work!:thumbsup