Scarlet Spider: Movie style suit

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    Hey there, this is my first project im putting ALOT of money into in comparison to my last which was just for the fun of it, Ive decided to go with the scarlet spider but want to put my own twist on it and go with the new dark style which is chosen by many movie directors.

    Here is what i have so far :)

    WP_20150519_00_31_41_Pro.jpg 11159995_10206601688505095_2454041041506844777_n.jpg

    at the minute i am looking at a possible leather dark blue vest/ hoodie or something along the lines of the new superman material suit for the hoodie.

    any suggestions?
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  2. cbrant

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    What did you use for the eye and lens material? Looks stellar so far. I really like the darker red. Maybe instead of going with a "high-tech" fabric for the hoodie, just go with a really beaten, ragged and weathered hoodie. Would go well with the theme you want.
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    Oracle UK lenses.
    Can you see through them? I have the Kaine ones and cannot see anything
  4. OneGoodScare

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    This is a really cool idea! I love the way the suit looks so far, that texture is on point. Maybe you could try a denim jacket with the sleeves cut off, like an 80s type of look. You could put some pins on it, although that might be too 80s :b
    But I think that'd be a cool aesthetic myself. Whatever you go with, keep us updated!
  5. mmadadamm

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    this may come off too `spider-punk`` I think I recall him wearing a sleeveless denim jacket.

    I would go along the lines of a darker blue torn up/shaded hoodie. Maybe a little more loose fitting. Personally I went with a very 90's Scarlet. Any questions, just ask!

  6. davekirk

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    looks great, well done buddy
  7. BrettJones

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    mmadadamm i remember seeing your thread a while ago and it was one of the reason im doing this! your suit id great! :D

    I have a few different ideas for the hoodies itself i may make multiple version to pick and choose :) I also want to dernize and make the utility belt more realistic to a "real life" film
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