Scarecrow, Tin man - The Wizard of Oz


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Sculpting a 1:1 Ray Bolger/ Scarecrow from 'The Wizard of Oz' in WED clay.


Started out just a head with the idea of using real fabric as the bib. Eye forms used so they can be replaced with glass eyes later. Cruddy twine used as 'stand-in' rope:
IMG_2653.jpg IMG_2661.JPG

Decided I wanted to sculpt the bib. And purchased the rope I'll use on the completed head:

The sculpture in the finishing stage. Used two different texture pads I made to differentiate the Face/make up area from the fabric hood/bib (Burlap for the face, Monks cloth for the hood):
IMG_4595.jpg IMG_4599.jpg IMG_4600.jpg

The finished sculpt:

IMG_4603.jpg IMG_4605.jpg IMG_4604.jpg IMG_4606.jpg
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Re: Scarecrow - The Wizard of Oz

Scratch built the hat. Just trial and error with felt and the hot glue gun. Got it right on the second try.

Made a stand out of two pieces of decorative wood from Home Depot.

Used expanding foam to foam the stand into place. Puttied over the back of the glass eyes so no foam could escape around the eyes.

The stand finished:

Finishing touches; Some straw, the fray and the shirt glued into place:

Final photos:
yqaBzvg.jpg qRKfdig.jpg IMG_2721.jpg VNMVNHa.jpg
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