SCARECROW Build - Batman Begins/The Dark Knight.


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Hello hello! First post, first costume, first con (DragonCon)!

I want to make a costume of Scarecrow (as is seen in Batman Begins/TDK). I'm hoping it'll be a fairly easy costume to pull together and make it look authentic. I’ve done some research, but haven’t figured everything out yet, so I’m turning to the RPF for a little help! I’m writing this post in more of a “build” post, to show progress as I figure it out. Hopefully it’ll help others on their way too.

Here are the elements I need, in order of priority:

  1. Mask - (easy) burlap sack, some rope, and then age/dirty it up.
  2. Fear Gas - (less easy) - My thoughts are a combination of a vape, some computer fans, and plastic tubing.
  3. Voice Changer - (Haven’t entirely figured out) - This involves basically a voice changing app on my phone, and a speaker mounted in the mask.
In order to avoid a big fat block of text, I'll post my thoughts/goals on each item as separate posts/replies.

Thanks for taking a look! I look forward to comments, encouragement, and advice!

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Alright! So the breakdown:


This one I'm the least worried about. There’s plenty of Instructables on making the mask, and there’s also tons of RPF posts to draw from as well.

The things I’m a little fuzzy on are shaping, not having burlap scratch my face to kingdom-come, and staining/aging. Again, can easily be found in several other threads on RPF.

I also want to make the noose not actually a noose. Because safety.


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I have a general idea (see picture). Ideally, I’d use a vape mod and “flavorless” glycol. This will serve as my “gas”. Then, attach plastic tubing to the mouthpiece of the vape and route that to my arms (y-joint), working inline some small 40mm computer fans to draw/blow the vaporized glycol through the tubes.

I asked around on twitter, and someone suggested this model vape for the base, since it could put out a good bit of smoke: Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit. Totally open to suggestions on alternates.

The fans I'm looking at: Scythe Mini KAZE ULTRA 40mm

Here's what I haven't figured out yet:
1. Will those fans be able to pull the vapor through my tubes and out my hands?
2. How should I power the fans,
3. Is it possible to modify the vape to have a remote switch, freeing up both hands? Either modifying the button, or having leads come out the battery compartment (to be less destructive)
4. Also, I just thought of this: How hot is the vapor when it comes out? Will it end up melting my tubes?

I don't vape, nor know anyone who does, so this is my fuzziest area.

View attachment 502971

Next up, Voice Changer!


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The voice changer is there to provide a fun effect for after dispensing the fear gas, and making the 'victim' feel disoriented.

I'm able to create a sicknasty voice changer using Taylor Holliday’s Audulus. I can then turn it “on and off” by adjusting the volume. The problem I’ve run into with this is that I can’t find a way to make the output loud enough. I know I’ll be using a splitter, but wiring a speaker direct just isn’t loud. it needs a lightweight, low-ish power amplifier. I'll also need to wear it near my face and throat, so it too needs to be safe. #safetyfirst, and all that.

In the drawing, Pencil is my head, red is the mask, and blue is the electronics.

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And finally, this reply is more for me than anything else: A list of all the RPF threads on the topic. Most of them are mask related, but there's a few that talk about fear gas. Not all of them are the BB/TDK Scarecrow, but they have something that can speed me on my way.

- Mask variation
- Fear gas discussion
- towards the bottom of this one, there's a picture of scarecrow that gives decent detail on the mask
- Full Costume, great focus on fear gas
- Mask, mostly
- Mask materials and build
- Mask (DETAILED!)
- more Mask detail
- Mask - unique process
- Mask, though no build photos, provides a few great detail shots for visual reference
- Mask - good process

That's it! thanks for everyone's input!
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So it's been a while since I've posted an update. I've got a sound design project I"m finishing up tomorrow, so that and work have taken up most of my time. If you're interested in how things are going, I'll be posting any future updates on my blog, and reserving the RPF for questions I have. I'll attach pictures and videos here as needed.

A couple questions I've had revolve around voltages on computer fans, and vapor production of vaporizers.

1. Voltage: I've got a 30mm CPU fan that runs at 12V DC. I'm using 9-volt batteries right now, but I was wondering: Will these fans be damaged by running them at 9V, or will they overheat if I run them at 18V?

2. Vapor: I've purchased a Kanger Subox Mini Starter kit, My question is: What is the base of vape juice solutions? is there a flavorless, nicotine-less juice that I can use? Will fog machine juice work? I've heard that food-grade glycol will do the trick, but I wanted see if anyone has had first hand experience with vaporizers and could go definitive for me.

Thanks! I should have a blog post up on my fear gas progress in a day or so.


PS - Oh, and to get a better idea of what I'm going for, check out this video:
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well, with the job and all that's going on, I've forgotten to update. Here's where I'm on on each of the Five elements:
1. Mask: 99.9999% done! Just need the speaker for the voice changer to finish out one more strand on the noose.
2. Fear Gas: Totally figured out! All that's left is to assemble, and sew into an undershirt.
3. Voice Changer: All figured out. A Scosche boomCAN turns out to be the perfect solution. All that's left is to patch the filters for the voice changer, load that on the phone, and we're set!
4. Full costume: This is new! I basically need to find a gray suit at Goodwill, and I'm set.
5. ID Badge: This will be icing on the cake! It'd be really sweet to have an ID badge with my photo in there.

anyway. just a quick update! Will be back with more later.

EDIT: Wanted to add a photo. This one is just a tease, but I call it "Scarecrow playing Angry Birds."

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