Scarecrow "Arkham " cowl and hood


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Sculpt, cast, painting and sewing by my wife, Angela .
1.jpg 13.jpg 12.jpg 11.jpg 9.jpg 7.jpg 5.jpg 3.JPG 2.jpg 14.jpg


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That is gorgeous! Please pass along the highest of compliments. That looks terrifying in the best way.


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Oh my god, this is mind-boggling! I'd love to know what the process for this was - is it gauze embedded/glued onto the original sculpt or is there other stuff going on as well?


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The original sculpt is clean; the replicas are gauze embedded using the same material ( latex ) and then hand painted; in the pics both are replicas, just one not painted .

Ron Tin Tin

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That looks incredible ! I'm working on a Arkham scarecrow right now and am wondering what kind of latex you used and how much of it
sincerely Ron Tin Tin
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