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OMG yes... I'm making Scar for the Lion King Musical.... because.... I guess because I'm a little crazy.
I admit, I'm really enamored with Scar.... I don't know why, but I've been desperate to make him since I saw the musical. Buy god, I'll do it! 0_o

Lots of photos below.....

Shoes painted:

Sculpting the head:


Casting the head:



Starting painting the unitard:

I think this may be the first time I've seen someone do this. Good on you!
Very very cool project!
Definitely look forward to your progress! Fantastic sculpt!
Fantastic! I was just talking with a few friends about how much I loved these costumes. I certainly look forward to seeing this progress as I would love to have Scar's costume. That mask is coming along great, I can't wait to see the cane!
Excited to see someone else do this! Looks great!

The original masks from Broadway were made much the same way, but the mask were cast with gel coat and backed with Kevlar to make them extremely light for the actors to wear. Would love to see that some someday.
Mooore scar...
I cast my first head with Resin in a slush cast.
Some bondo and a lot of sanding got the head just the way I wanted it :D

Paint job.... I started with a base of Dark watered down brown, then dry brushed a rusty orange and lighter tan color over top. The dry brushing highlights the raised sections and keeps the grooves dark.

Adding the mane... I am using strips of pre-cut styrene I found at the hobby store in the model train section. I hand drilled holes into the styrene strips and inserted wire into the holes for additional reinforcement to the head.
Woooo! Head is finally done. I'm quite proud of it ^_^


The head is mounted to a skull cap made of ABS plastic. I plastered my head with plastercloth, then vacuuformed a base. I covered the base wit Kanekalon to give Scar his hair instead of making a separate wig. With hair covers the zip ties and bolts holding the rigging of the head in place.

No, the head doesn't move... It would have been wonderful, and I might attempt it in the future, but the wiring and coding was just a little too complicated for me T_T

A make-up test... It'll look a lot better when I can pin down the sideburns so they don't flare out so much. I think I have the make-up down now.
This is stunning work!!! I can't sculpt anything resembling a face, just basic shapes... like a kid with playdough... lol so this is immensely impressive to me. That, and Lion King is one of my all time favourite movies and the artistry in the designs for the musical are outstanding. For you to take this on as a project is impressive in itself but the results so far are astounding. I'm definitely following this and can't wait to see the finished product!!
Starting work on Scar's shoulder harness thingy....
Why attempt to bend REAL bamboo when I can make a mold of it in Silicone and cast it in resin instead?
I bought a chunk of Bamboo in the flower arranging section of my local craft store and cut it in half, then made a cast with Smooth-on Rebound 25.

Fulled the completed mold with Resin. Once the resin had changed color, but was still pliant, I bent it into the curved shape I required.

Once completely hardened, I have a perfect curved bamboo base :3
Back to work on Scar.... His harness is nearly done:

Put together... I drilled holes in key points and put the basic frame together, then drilled more holes and sewed pieces of latex tubing to the frame.

Several coats of paint later... the whole thing is starting to look like Bamboo :3

Also stretched out a series of tubes and painted them. These are for the corset part.

Hard to believe, but I bought 35 feet of medical tubing for this and I have already run out!
I still need to make the butt plate and arm guards.... I'm going to need at least another 20 feet. I'm starting to realize why actors claim Scar is a heavy costume to wear.... even when you use alternative materials to lighten him, he's still got a ton of stuff on him.
The original masks from Broadway were made much the same way, but the mask were cast with gel coat and backed with Kevlar to make them extremely light for the actors to wear. Would love to see that some someday.

They were made of carbon fiber instead of Kevlar. Kevlar is actually a bit heavy. The process was still much the same as this piece. I just 3d scanned one of the originals we have kicking around the shop last week.

Great job on the mask. I don't ever see anyone try to do replicas of theater props.

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