Scaling help?


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I finally found some .psd files for a FemShep build. Now, I need to scale it. Does anyone have any suggestions (programs, how to print, etc.) on how to scale it?

Alpha Proto

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People usually scale them in the peppakura program.
Since you have a psd file I think you will have to choose a part like a wrist pad, and print it.
If it is too small increase the percentage to the file (Maybe in increments of 20%).
If it is too big decrease it a percentage.
Once that part fits right. Then change them all to that percentage.
Pretty much just eye balling it/ trial and error.


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Thanks, Alpha Proto. I tried increasing the %s. it looks like it's increasing it in the preview, but I git print and it keeps just printing it on the 8.5 x 11" paper, instead of many pieces. I looked into tehe printing settings and see no way to make it the size I wanted.
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