Saw/Jigsaw Killer Prop Help


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Hello everyone! If this thread is against the rules feel free to delete or move it to the appropriate forum. Anyways, I’m a HUGE fan of the first 2 Saw films and have been working on making a display with the Panasonic rn-305 tape recorder and have recorded 3 mini tapes with messages for Adam, doctor Gordons 1st tape and 2nd tape, and Amanda’s tape (video in the film technically). I’ve also got the same motorola phone, prop herbal cigarette, metal rectangular box with the flip down lid lock, and the mini padlocks. I just need to line the inside with the red velvet type material, add the ‘Play Me’ stickers onto the mini cassette’s, and type out the note about the cigarettes that Dr Gordon reads. But since starting this project I’ve wanted to find his black & white victim surveillance photos, the schematics for the reverse bear trap, and if possible the isolated tapes of Jigsaws puppet tapes that I could record onto my own VHS tapes.

So if ANYONE can help me replicate his black & white photos, trap schematics, video tapes, or any of the newspaper/magazine covers of John after he was found to be the jigsaw killer I would glady pay to have them in my collection! If you have access to any of these please DM me, thanks!

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