Saurian Brandy Bottle (Star Trek TOS)


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I can't believe I never posted this here. I've had this done for over a year...


Here's the before photos of the George Dickel Souvenir whiskey bottle. This isn't the accurate bottle (the accurate one is amber colored glass).

Here's the other photos of it.





A friend of mine literally popped the cork off the bottle...cracked right in half. You have no idea how tough it is to find a cork that fits perfectly. I did end up finding one though.

Also the strap was cracked (the leather was that dry!) in half when I bought it. I had a friend cut a strap for me and punch the holes. I laced it up and painted it. Can't even tell.





Thanks. It is one of the few props I actually completed 100% (so much gets left unfinished).

I also painted the mini bottle, but I don't think I took pictures of it. I sent it to TOSPHASER as a gift (before his ban).

I'd love to get an accurate bottle one of these days - I'd even trade someone for that one.

I couldn't get the paint to go on smoothly with a it is all finger painted. :lol I also had to use a clear coat since the paint was flat.
I have the same darker bottle with the strap broken in the same place!
Mine is missing the cork and wooden top completely.
Could I get some measurements of the top so I can recreate one?
I have a full, never opened, still in the box, STAR TREK SAURIAN BRANDY, full with the original Dickel whiskey. Does anyone have an idea on how much that would be worth.
I don't know but I sure as hell would love a swig!

I have a full, never opened, still in the box, STAR TREK SAURIAN BRANDY, full with the original Dickel whiskey. Does anyone have an idea on how much that would be worth.
I just took the plunge and purchased a bottle that listed as 1/4 gallon, 17" high.
Can you tell me if this is the right size?
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I just got my bottle today.
I sprayed it down with Windex and whatever didn't peel off I scraped with a razor.
I then rinsed the whole bottle inside and out, under hot water.
Yes, the leather got wet but it's no worse for wear.
Looks great after about 10 minutes of clean up!


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I have two of each, light and dark. Getting the labels off is going to be difficult. One broken cork that is very difficult to remove and replace. Craft shops sell premium acrylic paint that should do a good job. Toured the distillery in 2018. They do not sell these bottles there. But souvenir bottles can still be found.
Another 1960s thing, if you poke around antique shops you'll come across the original glass bottles that were painted to create the I Dream Of Jeannie bottle. Those prop guys scrounged stuff anywhere.
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