SASXHA's Vintage Kenner AT-AT Conversion (many pics)


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Some month ago I've found a vintage Kenner AT-AT for less than 20 Euro.
Actually I don't like the cheap used-dirt-look of the ROTJ Version and it came without any guns, but for that price it was a nice base to work with.
Here is what I've got:

First I've sliced the head to slim it a little bit, cut out the viewport and those ugly screw-things on the front. This wasn't the easiest part of this conversion, because
- I don't want to damage the in/out-mechanics and Sound/LED electronic of the twin laser cannons
- I still want the head to be moveable with the handle inside the body

After this I've made some changes on the backside of the AT-AT
- Cut out the refueling-unit and sculpture it more slanting
- Add some details

Then I close the inside of the upper legs:

Add a fourth toe on each foot:

Start building the heavy twin laser cannons, close the windows and sculpture the front of the head a little bit more like the original:

Start building some medium blaster cannons:

And adding some more details:

Finally I've painted the AT-AT and gave it a "new" damage look and here is how it turns out at the end:

And here is a short video with the guns in action:

I hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome.
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So much better proportioned this way. Great job!!

Not even the new Hasbro AT-AT couldn't get rid of the oversized head alas.
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