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Hello to everyone in the forum im in progress to build my minigun from tf2 and maybe become the next heavy weapon question is what is the best solution's to make the gun spin any recommendations will be more then welcome soon im going to finish my project on Sasha its my first time relay want to share it with you after the project is done and of course thank you all for all of the help.


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A drill would be the easiest, but the big battery sticking out of the bottom would ruin the illusion, unless there's a cordless drill out there that has batteries that don't stick out like a brick. Failing that, perhaps small kitchen appliances or using basic RC/remote control components that can be disassembled and hidden in the gun.


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The M134 minigun has a motor offset to the side to turn the feed mechanism and hence the barrels. To make a convincing gun you would have to ensure that your barrels spin perfectly on the center axis and do not wobble. You have to control the weight of the barrels and mount it to a shaft. Mount a pulley on that shaft and you can use a belt or gears to turn the barrels.



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While I never made a mingun prop, when I was a younger man (before cordless drills were invented), I thought about it and my idea was butchering a bicycle frame to use only the area that the cranks go through and using the crank's ball bearings and whatnot to create a support shaft for a minigun prop. It would be strong enough to support even a heavy barrel setup with not a lot of torque required to make it spin. I was going to try to use a "high end" electric RC car motor to make it spin. However I'm not sure it would have had enough power to do so. Anywho, I'm sure there are better ways to do it, ways that have been done... but that was my way.
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