SAO 2 Death gun and Kirito finished


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Long time lurker, first time poster, but this build was a lot of fun so I wanted to share. My wife and I made up Death Gun and Kirito costumes from Sword Art Online 2 to do a few cons together, it started at a Halloween project and ended up being one of our favorite and most successful builds together. Our first big con with these costumes was Indiana Comic Con.

Death Gun's mask is a mix of foam and pepakura/fiberglass, the eyes glowed using some dollar store LED bracelets. Kirito's chest plate is foam, and we opted to go with a more feminine chest plate for obvious reasons.
The guns (the black star "the death gun" and the FN five seven) were both scratch built from foam with a core of sintra for the trigger guard, I left the triggers out on purpose. My wife's favorite though, was definitely the glowing photon sword (Kagemitsu G4) which was a PVC pipe with some foam for details on the hilt, with plexiglass for the blade. The blade is lit up with an LED flashlight hidden inside the hilt.



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Very nice cosplays. The local comic expo here doesn't allow pistols, so I feel like it's a waste of my time to do a good job on mine. The anime convention on the other hand, does allow pistols. You did an excellent job on yours though. I just took a screenshot of the FN57, mirrored it and glued them together in a foam/paper sandwich.