SandMan (Marvel) Shoot

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    Thought I would show you a couple of images from the Sandman shoot I did this past saturday. I would say in terms of a shoot it's easy, basically pants and a stripe tshirt ! The rest is pretty much reliant on post editing (did not want him to wear big fake polystyrene fists!).

    So I shot Sam on Saturday (not exactly a studio setting, his living room, not much room!), then I shot the hands on tuesday.

    Instead of creating hands in Photoshop I shot my GF's hands with marigolds on, pva glue and real sand. We also shot some falling sand as well. I then tweaked them in photoshop.

    Let me know what you think !


  2. IronWarrior777

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    Very Cool!!!
  3. Judge Spartan

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    I like it, nice work..
  4. TaylorMcManus

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    That is awesome! Really nice job.
  5. superDrool

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    wow! That is some great stuff! I think Sandman was the best part of SM 3. :cool
  6. batgrayson

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    that is realy cool

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