Sandcrawler 'sale of the droids'


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Hi everyone, I have not posted in a while, but I finally completed building the Randy Cooper Sandcrawler resin kit and thought I would share some pictures.

I removed the front ramp and built an interior. The figures are a mixture of scratch and micro machine. Been wanting to build this for a very long time! Thanks for looking.

Here is what I was going for.

Sandcrawler build 102.jpg

Here are the droids. C-3P0 is a micro machine figure.

Sandcrawler build 103.JPG

Sandcrawler build 109.JPG Sandcrawler build 110.JPG Sandcrawler build 116.JPG Sandcrawler build 111.JPG Sandcrawler build 112.JPG Sandcrawler build 115.JPG Sandcrawler build 114.JPG Sandcrawler build 113.JPG

There are many dangers in the sands of Tatooine.

Sandcrawler build 108.JPG
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