San Francisco Area prop peeps?


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Hi All -

I see a lot of "Bay Area" locations in the crowd, but I was wondering who all is local to the SF Bay Area? Would be nice to meet some similarly interested people, and would be nice to have a group resource for nearby help or tips too - Im sure we can all learn something from each other -

Either way, Ill start. Im obviously local -

Anyone else?



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I'm originally from Marin County. Now living in Sonoma County. Mostly a lurker here but I'd love to meet some of the local guys.


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I'm in Sunnyvale during the week and over in Manteca on weekends. All my stuff is over there. Been several years since we had a NorCal prop party. The last was held up in the Sac area in 2008.



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Just to jump in where not invited, but I was in San Fran / Marin / Petaluma last weekend. Its very pretty there. If I had to live in California for some reason, I'd certainly pick somewhere around there.


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Despite the occasional cow poop smell. I'd never live anywhere else now that I've spent time in Petaluma. This town is pretty fantastic.


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My husband and I went to a number of the Norther Ca prop party a number of years back. We are in Central, Ca but travel to the SF area number fo times for various events during the year.


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Petaluma, everyone? It smells like cow poop most days.

Only place we noticed rank was the landfill off 101. Well, and various San fran areas. And the homeless lady and the other homeless lady I bought a cheese burger. Though considering LA, its still a pretty good record.

maybe you stepped in something when you were out there and it followed you around? :angel


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Located in San Jose as well...Shocked to see so many other 408 locals. I've met a couple guys who haven't posted in here yet that live in the area as well. Great people, although I always feel like such a child in the meet ups (lol I'm 25, someday I'd like to find the average age of members on the forum).
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