San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Cosplay Gallery!

Discussion in 'Conventions and Prop Parties' started by LaffingStock, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. LaffingStock

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  2. Black Cat Army

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    Wow great gallery! I'm the batman on page 2 and 6 (or 1 and 4 i guess if on a PC). Thanks for uploading these, since I went solo this year I don't have an pictures of myself in the suit.
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  3. EmmaInCandyland

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  4. LaffingStock

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    Oh man, that was an amazing cosplay! Glad I bumped into you.
  5. kcail1

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    Wow! Nice work! Love all the Marvel Work and Star Wars! Someday, I'll be on camera too... :)

  6. Felgacarb

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    Those are some great pictures!

    I spotted E-wan...
  7. George

    George Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    The amount of work that goes into these costumes is unbelievable.I love seeing these Comic Con galleries and the wide variety of costumes.It confirms to me that I'm in the right place here at the RPF and works inspiring.
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  8. jackoshadow

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    Ohhh, I'm on page three in the Cap AoU costume!! :D
  9. yoopees

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    by far..powdered toast man wins in my book lol
  10. Utinni

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