Samus Power suit creation?


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Ive decided this year i wanted to re-create Samus' power suit for Anime North; with a few minor changes minus the helmet, using this drawing as my guide : Samus Aran Power Suit by ~D-Arm on deviantART. Because im trying to stay as cheap as possible ill be using craft foam but i have a few problems i need some help with. 1. what kind of templates should i use or just make them up myself? 2. how do i assemble it upon myself?/which pieces should i make sepertly ? do i get it to stay in place? and finally how do i sit :confused

... ... otostream/ .... my current sketch, my artistic abilities are not the greatest but i tired, u can see on one leg ive added possible details, could i use one of those lines at the point of separation and use velcro on some tab under to connect it together? or somthing along those lines?
your help and any advice would be greatly appreciated <3


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You're probably going to need to make your own templates. Not many people have tackles Samus, and very very few (if...any?) have done it in foam.

For assembly, your best plan is a duct tape mannequin. That way you can try out your templates and pieces without having to stand there wrapping around yourself.

For staying in place, you're gonna want to make it in pieces (like front of chest piece, and back of chest piece, so they come together like a clam shell), and then attach it all using the kind of webbing-straps you see on backpacks. That makes it adjustable and comfy. Have a look around on here, there's some great tutorials if you search for "foam armor".

Also, look here at Volpin's N7 build. That'll give you some great ideas.

Good luck! If I were a girl, this'd be my dream costume. But, alas, I am a dude. *sob*