Sam from Trick R Treat....


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Didn't have time for accuracy, but literally made this pattern, cut it out and assembled this thing from scratch since noon today. I'll go back and accurize later. :)

This is the pile of junk I started with today:


These are how he turned out around 8pm tonight:





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I second that, where did you come by the pose-able mannequin? The fingers look great on it and you did an excellent job on the mask. I couldn't find anything big enough for the head until I came by a giant Styrofoam globe at Michaels. $20.00 though for it, ouch! I've been meaning to redo the button eyes on mine and the stitching material (can't remember the name of it).
I got the mannequin from ebay. Just do a search for poseable mannequin and I think this one was a 5yr old mannequin or thereabouts. He was part of a two pack believe it or not. Gonna use the other one to rebuild my ewok. Wish I had time to make the costumes for you, but honestly, all you have to do get a pattern for footed pajamas, take that and 3yds of fabric to your local seamstress and let her make the costume. Take her plenty of pics to her and you won't be disappointed. :) Probably run you about $60 for the services. I'd be charging at least double that if I had the time. Thanks for the kind words fellas. Just wait til you see him all weathered up.
I'm gonna have to get mine finished up. Been standing in my bedroom for years now. You've inspired me! :thumbsup

Any tips on the sucker?
Only tip is that the mannequin is the key, a good flexible mannequin with separate fingers, makes the assembly a breeze. I used a fake pumpkin for the head, cut a hole and put the pumpkin over the mannequin head and supported the sides with foam rubber squares, holds nicely. The rest is just sewing and cutting etc...weathering.

Dave :)
The lollypop is just a circle of plexiglass I cut with a dremel. I then drew the bite mark and dremeled that out. I cut a slot the approximate width of the stick. Stick is a styrene tube which is simply covered with blue tape in a spiral. Of course I will be painting it orange and using black in a spiral for the final version. I used CA glue to attach the two. The plexi was painted with a transparent duplicolor yellow and red mix until it was the orange I wanted. Right out of the rattle cans. I started with the yellow and did a pretty light red coat. The face of the lolly was painted with a brush with black acrylic paint.

Dave :)
This is an awesome build. Looks like a fun way to kill sometime. I'm gonna give it a shot later on. Very impressive man!
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