Sam Flynn Jack-o-Lantern


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This is my first portrait carving of the year. Sam Flynn from Tron Legacy. I've taken a few different types of photos to display it.

Here it is lit from the outside. It looks terrible. Parts of the inside look white because there is a piece of paper inside it to diffuse light.

Classic candle lit:

Lit with a flashlight with a piece of paper inside to diffuse the light.
How do you go about doing these? They look AMAZING! What kind of tools are used?

I print a copy of the photo the size I want, I pin it to the pumpkin and start marking it. I use a razor blade to cut right into the pumpkin a tiny bit through the paper. After I've traced over all the important lines, I start scraping.

I made tools out of some scrap metal, it's shaped like that picture except they are tiny, and sharp steel. Anywhere it needs to be really bright, I cut all the way through. It's a lot like portrait drawing (which I do a lot of) but with scraping instead of pencil...
Amazing work. The identity disc adds the perfect touch to this. Well done. You certainly put whatever pumpkin I carve to shame.
Oh wow! I have never seen anything like this before might have to try it (with an easier design lol) next halloween :)
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