Salzo v 3.1 SS X-Wing Finished


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I finally finished my Salzo SS X-Wing. Not shown in the photos below are the cockpit lights, R2 lights and engine lights. I hope to make a video soon to show that detail of the build.

As always... Thanks for looking,






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That is a thing of pure beauty! The dirty shades of the different panels make it pop and look absolutely real. Nice job!


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Thank you ILMwannabe for your observations and compliments.
vividfury, all I did was use 1" blue masking tape from a hardware store paint department. Also, thanks!


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Hate to see it go but I thought some of you may be interested…
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Welcome to the forum. Hope we both don't get as much snow as they are saying. YUK!!! Thanks again for purchasing. Will be in your hands soon.


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I just wanted to say thank you, and it was a pleasure doing business with you. Amazing communications, and a fantastic job packing this x-wing. It arrived in my hands unscathed.

Again, I appreciate you very much!
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