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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Spacejunk, Jul 22, 2015.

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    I received one of Mike Salzo's fantastic 1/12 Viper kit, but have a few questions for either Mike or whoever received one of these new kits.

    I only received one of the middle (thicker) section of the laser gun, which led me to question if I have all the pieces.


    So does anyone know what these pieces are used for, I have looked at all the pics I could find of the build of this piece on here and on other sites and couldn't see where they go:


    Next, do these pieces go inside the middle engine sections for the re-enforcement of the wings and fin when attached?


    Also with the side detail bit that goes between the engine sections, there will be a gap behind it, is there supposed to be a piece of styrene strip to go here?


    And with that, I know that the acrylic piece has holes to line up with the two engine supports so that rods can be placed for structural support and line-up, but how far apart are the engine supports supposed to be?


    Please if any one can help it would be much appreciated. :thumbsup

    As for the kit itself, she is one big mother, and I am very happy with it.
  2. Spacejunk

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    What, no one!!!

    Are you out there Mike?
  3. mofo77

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    i'll pm u with some info,
  4. Alan3

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    Hey Alex.
    Sent you a PM.
  5. cosmic_x

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    You need two parts for these guns.
    The insert engine pieces are to be used as support to mount/screw the wings
    Fill the gaps wih styrene or bondo, not a problem
    As for how far to place the inner structure, i had the same question some time ago, it should be on a thread here somewhere
  6. Spacejunk

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    Thanks cosmic x, except for the distance of the internal structure, the only thing I need now is another part for the gun, as it was not supplied with the kit.
  7. mslz22

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    Sorry i just saw this. I am on a huge project with a serious deadline so apologize to anyone in advance for the next month or so, my already crazy schedule has been thrown into overdrive.

    I'll get you another gun ASAP.

    For the updated version of the kit you will need a few common supplies. Some 1/4 brass for aligning the "core" that holds the engines and mounting the wings. Some 1/8 styrene or alluminum tubing for the pipes, some .040 for the side of the engine, and some C channel for engine details. I will get the plastruct or evergreen # for that.

    Your on the right track with the core, nudge the back on in about 2mm so that it sits on the tube all the way, no overhang on the recessed part. Drill out a handful of the alignment holes, you don't need all of them whatever your comfortable with. Assemble on a flat table with the bottom of the core seated on the table, insert the brass and make sure it pokes out of the front core piece about 1/4 inch so you can line it up with the laser cut acrylic. Once attached to the acrylic, cut the brass flush so you can lay the now assembled acrylic/core combo on a flat table and use a square to attach the engines straight.

    The top engine is pretty easy, there is a centering line that needs to be on the center line of the core/acrylic. I will get the measurements and an illustration of where to position the side engine tubes.
  8. gyoung2993

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    I can see now, I have along way to go to learn this stuff myself....good questions , wasn't sure where some of these parts go either......Mike no need to apologize, we are all human, we make mistakes...this is definitely a great kit with extreme potential to make the best Viper , anyone could ever hoped to own....I hope when its time for me to work on mine , I may have a lot of questions on some others techniques myself....HAHAHA
  9. Spacejunk

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    Thanks for getting back to me Mike, it would be awesome to get that replacement part.

    Looking forward to seeing the measurements and illustration, as it's always nice to get an insight from the maker on how his projects come together.

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