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Hey All,
Just finished this project after 3 years of planning, prep & elbow grease! This display is a dedication to our troops fighting terrorism around the world. It depicts a mashup of U.S. Military gear & Mandalorian style armor. I'm a huge Boba Fett & Mandalorian fan & this was a fun project :) The armor was originally purchased second hand as cosplay gear. I wore it for Halloween 2018 then decided to build a display for when not in use. Due to the pandemic it has been on display ever since. The armor is completely wearable & can be easily removed from the mannequin. The only items that cannot be removed are the boots, the pants, the shirt & the gloves. Items that can be removed & worn are:
-The Helmet
-Chest & Back Armor
-Jet/Comms Pack
-Shoulder Bells
-Gear Belt w/ Holster & Pistol
-Knee Pads
The fore arm armor *can* be removed but is on tight & difficult to get past the hands. The mannequin lower half/ legs are made from 1/2 inch steel pipe which is bolted to the the base. The musculature is sculpted foam. The base is a 2x4 wood frame with 1/2 inch plywood with adjustable steel sliders underneath at the corners. it is painted and weathered to look like a military ammo crate. All details & labels are hand painted. The ground is layered foam with sculpted plaster. The plaster was then latex painted then covered with several layers of sand. The shell casings are real and are glued to the surface. The base is 28 inches wide by 52 inches long & he stands just over 6 feet at the radio antenna tip. He is 38 inches wide at his wides point (right elbow to tip of M4 barrel).

The upper skeleton is 3/4 inch PVC pipe which was purchased as a full skeleton kit and is articulated at all the major joints. You *could* re-pose him if you were willing to disassemble the upper torso. The legs are fixed and cannot be moved. The torso & arm musculature is also foam. The clothing is a matched set of desert cammo. The upper torso can easily be separated from the lower for storage/shipping.

The armor consists of the GalacTac Helmet which is fully wearable & pretty comfortable. I have an extra large head & added a helmet padding kit to fit, so there's plenty of room inside & visibility is good. It includes the ear cups/ comm system which is real & wired but I dont know if it works. The face armor is attached to a military F.A.S.T. Helmet (probably Airsoft) that has all the standard attachment points so you can add as you see fit, including the forehead mount point for night-vision goggles (not included). The Comm set (ear cups) & a laser designator are currently attached.

The Chest Armor is attached to a Load Bearing Vest of very nice quality, and I have added a rubber combat knife to the left shoulder strap. The front ammo packs hold foam replicas of AR-15 magazines. The rear Jet/Comms pack I made from a GhostBusters proton pack & foam/PVC. It is attached to the LBV by plastic clips & is easily removable as well. The chest armor is painted in a Desert "Punisher" theme similar to that used in the movie "American Sniper". The shoulder bells have large velcro areas that allow any unit patches/ flags to be attached.

The weapons are deactivated Airsoft replicas. The M-4 carbine has an attached suppressor, red dot sight & an AN/PEQ-2 laser designator attached. It also has a 2 point sling attached. The M4 has had its firing mechanism removed & replaced with a wood block. It is completely inert. The 2011 replica pistol in the leg holster is also inert. They are both removable for separate display or cosplay ;)

The armor is made to fit a wide range of body types. I am 5'-11" and 215 pounds and it was comfortable to wear all day. No pinch points or hot spots. The helmet has good ventilation & visibility. I have approximately $1200 invested into the armor and weapons alone. Pics:








Would prefer a local sale, but can be shipped. It would require two large boxes, and it weighs approximately 100 pounds. I'm located in North San Diego County (Oceanside) & can drive reasonable distances to meet. Feel free to PM me with any Q's. This would be an awesome display in a storefront / entryway.
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That is AWESOME! I can’t afford to get it to where I’m deployed, but damn that’s sweet! Good luck!!!!

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