Saints row "pimp cane"


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Hey guys, I'm working on my first commission and i'm looking to find the right materials for a piece that needs to be durable, cheap to make, and a little detailed.
I've been asked to make the "pimp cane" from the saints row series:


The piece i'm referring to is the brass bust of the woman on the handle. I was thinking of either making a wire frame of the bust, and filling it out with clay and bondo,- or making the base of the bust from wood, then filling in the details with bondo.
So which one of these techniques would you guys use? keeping in mind that it will be the piece that is most handled of the project, which is unfortunate as it's the most detailed piece. and how would you best achieve the glossy, maybe even metallic brass effect of the bust?​

Andy :)


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For a smallish piece as the bust / cane handle. you could directly sculpt from a block of clay, mold it, then cast using a brass filler in the resin.


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That's a good idea but a little out of my price range, and i have no experience with mold making. i'll probably wait til i can afford to mess up a personal project before giving it a go :)
thanks anyway though, i may use that technique if i revisit this a while after it's done :)


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Wireframe and sculpy buildup might work...

Gotta throw my love behind the "sculpt and mold it" idea though. It would handle pretty much anything you throw at it at that point.



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If cost is an issue, then you're looking at a sculpey and rattle can paint. you could make it for under £15 / $20.
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