Safely shipping one of a kind pieces internationally?


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Hey guys!

I've started taking on a few freelance commissions, and I recently acquired my first international client. What is the best process for protecting custom, one of a kind pieces during international shipping? Recommend any shipping company?

A couple of my main concerns:
Lost package: How should I best protect myself from the shipping company losing a package, the package being stolen etc.
Damaged Package: If a package were to be damaged, what steps would I take? Would they only cover the value of materials, or the value of the entire finished piece?
Electronics: A majority of my works incorporate a lot of electronics, is there any concern with this raising any red flags at international customs?
Insurance: Should I purchase the insurance offered by the shipping company, or by third party? Insure for exact amount client paid or for more?

Any other tips would be super appreciated!
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The only advice I have is make sure to package the thing you're shipping well! Three inches on all sides and pack it so that if you shake it, you won't hear it budge at all!
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