Sacred Jedi Texts - Replica Prop Build


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Been working on this for a while now and it’s finally finished! My version of the Sacred Jedi Texts book from The Last Jedi.

Built from scratch by hand, complete with 10 detailed prop pages hand finished with paint and gold leaf accents (just like the original prop), and aged/weathered. The remaining pages include a visual journey of the build process for the book, and act as a portfolio of my work (I call it my Propfolio).

It’s been really fun to work on and put together, trying to get details just as close as possible. Before you ask, I don’t have any current plans to produce a run of these yet, mainly based on time and cost to make, but I might consider it down the line, if so it would be extremely limited. For now it’ll serve as a portfolio piece and sit on display in my collection.

I thought I would share my results and build process with the community, as I know there is a bit of interest in this particular prop. More than happy to answer any questions you might have on the prop itself, the processes/materials I used etc.

My the force be with you... always.


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I don’t like the movie but I love the props and this is one of my favorites out of it

You did an amazing job man! Big thumbs up!! love it!!

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