"Sabre Dart" original design scratchbuild


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I figured I'd throw this one out there...I made it over two years ago and always kind of liked it. I had a rough idea for an 'original trilogy' rebel alliance fighter...I wouldn't describe it as all that ground-breaking in terms of design, but it had a comfortable Star Wars universe feel that was reminiscent of a snowspeeder.

The initial sketches:

Basic form takes shape:

Cockpit details:

Paneling and puttying:

Home-made greeblies:

Astromech port:


Main colors (before weathering):


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The finished fighter:

From top and bottom:

Astromech port detail:

Shot with Artoo:


It isn't perfect or anything, and I kept the profile angular to make it easy t build, but I still have a soft spot for it.


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I think what really stands out is the non-typical paint job (the stripes). It contributes to it's uniqueness.



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That is a beautiful piece of work....and the original design that you came up with could easily have been popped into a McQuarrie sketchbook. Awesome work as always!


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Looks good, it has a nice aged weathered effect yet its not real dirty.. I like the cockpit nice detail.