Saberforge? yes or no?

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    I know the lots of people say the saberforge is a scammer, but I was just wondering if the facts where right? has anyone bought a saberforge Lightsaber?
    If so did you get what you asked for?

    I have admired his lightsabers for ages and really want one.
    Any info would be great! :confused
    His website.


    his youtube channel.

    saberforge's Channel - YouTube.

    This is another forum talking about there sabeforge experiences.

    Rebel Legion :: View topic - Saber Forge - our History (a warning)
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    not sure about now, but i have bought a saber from him a long while ago, the dark lord relic design. I actually asked for it to be a custom job for me and sent his a concept pic i found of it, i got it as a double bladed one and it was exceptionally built and weathered, easy to take apart and change batteries and very good quality overall :) id check from someone who has bought recently
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    I will update this in a week or so, as i just recently purchased a saber from them and am awaiting it's arrival.
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    Ok man I hope you get a sweet saber! are you buying of off ebay or his website?
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    BUMP! :rolleyes
  6. Deke

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    I've been quite disappointed so far with his service. I ordered one of the tor Gladius sabers about 6 weeks ago now. When I ordered I got no confirmation the order was received so emailed after a week to check confirmation/get an ETA. He emailed back and said it would ship "this week" (this was mid January).

    Few weeks went by, ha heard nothing so I emailed again. No reply.

    Few more weeks, still no reply.

    So basically now here I am, 6 weeks after ordering, have no idea when my saber will be shipped or if it is even being made. I'm going to email him one more time and if I don't get a reply I'll have to take it up with PayPal. Really is a shame as its a beautiful looking saber, and I really want it, just seems he has no interest on actually reliably providing them to paying customers :(
  7. Lord Reign

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    I ordered mine through Ebay.
  8. Popeanator

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    Did you Order it on His website or ebay?
    That is what I was afraid of.
    I think it you get one from his website he builds it then ships it.
    But if you get off ebay he has one to got straight away.:confused
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    There are other more reputable saber hobbyists out there with very solid track records and stuff that looks as nice or even better. With all these electronic sabers there is always the risk that the parts may fail (either due to sloppy assembly or getting faulty components from the factory). You would want to commission someone who communicates very well with their customers because if something goes wrong, you're in a pickle if the guy doesn't respond for 6-7 weeks to even provide email assistance for you to DIY self-help. 5 cents.
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  10. Popeanator

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    Very true. I just love his designs and the PRICE :D
    I tried to get him to make me a custom saber a few years back
    through ebay he just fobbed me off and stopped replying. :cry
  11. Popeanator

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  12. chrisd

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    Ive purchased two of his sabers off of Ebay. The first one shipped very quickly but the second took 6 weeks.
    One of the blade tips broke off after some "fencing" and he sent me a new one at no charge.
    I will most likely buy another one from him at some point.
  13. cannibal869

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    I have not personally seen his work, but have been told by other saber enthusiasts that I trust that his workmanship is a tad shoddy at times (i.e. machining quality).
    His sabers look good, but ultimately you have to realize that you get what you pay for.
  14. Dirt McGirt

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    I'll chime in here. I bought one of his redeemer hilts back in December just before Xmas. To be exact it was on the 17th. This was through Ebay. After the auction ended I had him add a sound card and kill key which I paid for immediately. On the 22nd I got a message that looked like it went out to more than one person stating that due to the holiday rush there would be a delay in shipping. Needless to say I didn't get my saber sent out until the day before xmas. This was no big deal since he did let me know, and it wasn't a present or anything. He also gave me a 25% discount on a future purchase for my trouble.

    As for the saber? when I received it I charged it for several hours to get a full charge and noticed that when done it only lasted a matter of minutes before the battery died. I thought this was strange so I emailed him. He gave me a suggestion and I found that there was a bit of "play" in the connection between the charger and the port on the hilt. Basically I have to make sure the light stays lit on the charger when I plug it in and set it down gently so as not to lose the connection. Kind of annoying but not a big deal. Overall there are some small issues that I had but they were dealt with. Seems that from all the feedback I have seen, he seems to be hit and miss with communication. I have thought about buying that Gladius hilt as well. I guess I "gotta" use my discount. All in all, his work is good and prices are reasonable. He could sell and ship what's actually on hand as well and be consistent with communication.
  15. Popeanator

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    Ok very interesting. So would anyone recomend him or is it just a get what you pay for situation. Thanks for the Info so far.:thumbsup
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    Ok well you have a point im leaning towards getting one I just want to know if this guy is likely to give me a shoddy product. Or not and I want peoples personal opinions on the matter. The main factor for me is price and I don't want to spend a bunch on some flashy saber. I would just like a basic saber with sound for a reasonable price. I don't want exact replicas of any specific character.
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    If you want it to last, I would pass. Mine was poorly constructed and the board died. The blades are not very good, the machining was mediocre and the electronics were taped together with no heat shrink. He was banned from several saber groups so you decide. Communication was very poor as were delays in getting resolution.

    Ultrasabers are not as nicely designed, but at least more durable.

    After saberforge, I went and got parts from The Custom saber shop and built 5 on my own with sound and they are way better and duelable.
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  19. Popeanator

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    That sucks D: well There is this Australian seller on ebay called aus_custom_sabers
    eBay My World - aus_custom_sabers

    Im not sure if he is any good but at least the postage should be less for me.:)
  20. burnoracle

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    FYI. Ordered the epoch. Had him add a d ring, took a week and a half to ship, not bad by any means. Saber itself is gorgeous. I got the Epoch, no sound board, runs on triple a. Solidly built, one minor complaint: I was whipping that saber around and managed to slice my finger open. In its design are two points that are fracking sharp. Mind you I do Kung fu and was twirling it fast. I'll take my dremil to it tomorrow. All in all positive experience.
  21. coondog45

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    I have 13 sabers from Ultrasabers, never had an issue with any of them.
  22. vulcan8630

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    I bought one for my nephew's birthday gift (early July this year 2012) and my nephew was blown away.... My nephew expressed that the lightsaber really looks like a Luke Skywalker ROTJ version...I thought it was very pricey but the end result was a happy nephew!

    But if your looking for reasonable price have you looked at the FX lightsabers? Priced very low and look good. They now come in "removable" blade form!
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  23. The Schlitzie

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    I recently bought an Epoch off ebay a few weeks ago.The saber works great,but the machining is VERY sharp and needs to be sanded down a bit to prevent serious injuries.

    In my opinion,I've heard a lot of bad things about Saberforge's sabers,but I love some of his hilts.If you get the opportunity I would suggest just getting a hilt,but if you must,I'd go through Ebay.They have good insurance policies that protect buyers if a seller decides to flake out on you for whatever reason.
  24. bizarrojoe

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    I purchased a Gladius and a Regal from SF several months ago. I can say that he's a reputable seller and he has a good eye for hilt design. However, I wouldn't recommend puchasing any of his high-priced sabers with the sound boards. If you stick with simple hilts, or hilts with lighting, and keep on top of him, you'll get your money's worth. Saberforge makes a lot of sabers, but doesn't really have the personnel in place for quality control or customer support. However, he's getting better.
  25. Lusky

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    I have bought from Saberforge a while back before, here is my experiences:

    I bought 3 sabers from him directly and another on fx forum for leia. The construction is not very solid, but his designs are nice. Some of them came missing with parts though, though not major and you can fix them yourself.

    I continued to deal directly with him through email and ordered another 2 sabers and soundboard he was offering at that moment.

    The 2nd order never came, at the beginning he would still respond to my emails asking where the order is, and he would said he would chip in extra hollow saber to make up for the delay. Later, I dont get any response at all. Eventually I just gave up. It 500 down the drain.

    I would think though with the Ebay buyers protecting it would be easier to get the money back, and most prob he has those he put on ebay ready to ship.

    Ultrasabers or TCSS(building on yourself - its a fun and learning experience) would be the way to go imo.
  26. CelticWarrior

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    My experience.... I ordered through Ebay for a saber and sound card. I emailed after about 3 weeks to see if it had shipped and heard nothing in reply. I gave it a week or so and tried again. Finally I gave up and started a Paypal claim. He didn't respond to any of paypals email and after the allotted time I got my cash back followed by an email saying Paypal couldn't refund me as he had no funds in his account???? Bit weird that.

    A week or so later the saber arrived at my door wrapped in one sheet of bubble wrap not even taped. Worst international wrapping of a package I've ever seen. I'm still amazed it made it in one piece. The saber was just slidding around in the box. The build was rubbish [loose Led, holes drilled out of alignment etc] but it looked decent enough.

    I emailed Saberforge saying I'd received a refund and to forward me funds to post it back to him [I wasn't footing the bill back to the USA], he never even replied to that email. I only emailed once as I'd had enough by then. His loss not mine.

    So to this day I still have his lightsaber sitting in a box in the attic. I'll donate it to charity someday as I don't want the bad karma of not having paid for it.

    More hassle than it was worth.
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  27. Daddy Solo

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  28. Kamin Ressik

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    Saber Forge Rebel Princess

    First let me start with a little backstory. I am Luke Skywalker from the Imperial Royal Arms forums. A few weeks ago one of our members, Saber Forge, held a contest. Post your best prop build and he would send the winner, free of charge, a whole bunch of his scratch and dent sabers and parts. This was amazing as the scratch and dent sabers looked great. A saber builders dream for sure. I entered my custom made leather belt and made mention of hoping to win the sabers for my Rebel Legion Kamino base table. After the contest was over and I didn't win, I was approached by Saber Forge. This is part of the pm I received.

    Hey Luke,

    I know rebel legion does good things for the community. I just came out with an update on my princess leia saber, and I found one more older style prodigal son lurking in a box. If I build both those up with full electronics, I will donate them to your base.

    What a generous offer to our RL base.

    I know that Saber Forge has had some growing pains over the years. After receiving this saber I felt it was appropriate to give credit where credit is due.

    Saber Forge's new saber-




    I received this saber USPS and it came in the standard triangular USPS priority box we are all accustomed to receiving. It was well packaged and came with the instructions for its use. My only advice here would be to add a little newspaper for packing. With USPS it never hurts to have a little more packing. But I did get the saber in perfect condition so I have no complaints with shipping.


    This saber came out of the box ready to duel. I pulled the kill key in the recharge port to hear the Neutrino soundboard boot up. This was my first experience with the Neutrino. I had to adjust the settings slightly to configure it to my dueling style. At first I got a couple of false clashes during spins. Once I had it configured the sound files played accurately. The neutrino is IMHO a mid level board that would be a well above using an MR FX soundboard. It has all of your swing, clash power up and down sounds you'd see on an MR board. However, the neutrino difference gives you a nice adjustable blade flicker for a more accurate blade and also has the ability to be configurable with the push of a button. Configurability is perfect since you can tailor the board to your specific tastes. I'm quite impressed with this sound board. For a $60 board you can't beat it.

    Neutrino specs.

    The Novasound Neutrino soundboard is an excellent optional soundboard offered by Saber Forge. This item listing for 60.00 is for the soundboard only, it does not include installation or any other parts.

    The Neutrino plays 10 clash sounds, 10 swoosh sounds, ignition, deactivation, and of course an idle hum. In addition it features an adjustable blade flicker, going from a solid blade, through four different flicker speeds. The onboard voice menu also allows you to adjust the volume, brightness, and motion sensitivity.


    The blade.

    The blade brightness was on par with my sons red luxeon 3 but not as bright as my blue luxeon V. Saber Forge uses a thick walled white blade with no film. As I am used to the typical led blade with a wrap film inside for a uniform blade I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well this blade lit up.


    The hilt.

    What can I say. This hilt is just plain gorgeous. I have never seen a Saber Forge hilt in person so I had no idea what to expect. I've handled and owned custom machined blades from at least five well known sabersmiths. This hilt was right up there with the best of them. From the pommel to the main body and up to the emitter section this hilt is just gorgeous. There is plenty attention to detail and the finished product more than meets the expectations ESPECIALLY at his price point. IMO this saber is worth a lot more than he sells them for. A quality build for a full saber at near stunt saber prices.



    Brass covertec knob.
    Machined blade plug.
    Threaded pommel for access to speaker and recharge wiring.
    Recessed recharge port on the exterior near the pommel.
    Awesome machining job and design on the main body.
    Unique control box near the emitter.
    Illuminated anti vandal switch in the control box that is recessed to avoid accidental power off.

    Here's a link to a recent eBay sales thread of the Rebel Princess:

    I don't yet see his Rebel Princess listed on his site yet but it is a new version:

    I tried to be as neutral as possible and give this an honest review. I really can't give any bad scores. The only real complaints I have are things that are personal preference.

    The Neutrino board has a three second delay for power off. I know that most people like the delay as it prevents inadvertent power off. I prefer no delay.

    The emitter has six button head screws that are both aesthetic and functional blade retention screws. Three of the screws are for blade retention while the other three are aesthetic. I'm lazy and prefer one setscrew. This is a very easy fix and I've already spoken with Saber Forge about this and he "may" offer shorter screws for us lazy Jedi. LOL

    Overall I would rate my experience a 10/10.

    Communication was excellent.
    The saber shipped quickly and was packaged adequately.
    The saber arrived in working condition.
    The hilt was machined perfectly.
    And above all, Saber Forge donated this saber to the Rebel Legion. That alone tells me that Saber Forge is an honest guy that means well by his customers.

    This saber is definitely worthy of a Rebel Princess.

    Saber Forge, on behalf of the Rebel Legion Kamino base, let me thank you for your generosity in donating this fine saber. It will get a lot of use as we troop with it and proudly display it on our table. This saber will also bring lots of smiles from the kids as we use it for taking pictures with Star Wars' biggest little fans.

    Thank you Saber Forge,

    May the Force be with you.

    Luke Skywalker
    ImperialRoyalArms forum admin.
    Kamin Ressik, Jedi, Kamino base.

    Read more: Imperial Royal Arms - Three newly redesigned styles.
  29. Wes R

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    Looks good. I actually have a list of sabers i want to get from him.
  30. Do-Clo

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    I have rebuilt a few of saberforge's sabers and I will say this his machining skills have improved. I feel that the finish on his hilts could use more work and the wiring is not up to my standards. I would buy a empty hilt and finish the saber yourself.
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  31. Robiwon

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    Luke!.....I mean, Kamin! Welcome to the RPF buddy! Glad you joined up. That is a sweet lightsaber. The link for the auction is a dead end though. Looking forard to seeing you around here!
  32. Kamin Ressik

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    It looks like the auction closed. The saber must have sold.

    I haven't opened this saber yet to look at the wiring, but I've played with it heavily for a week and my 6 and 3 yr old boys gave it a beating. (I let them play with it on purpose). After a good amount of use it has ZERO issues.

    I never owned an older saber forge saber but everyone has to start somewhere. After using this saber I would say he has arrived. I would say that the quality of the finished product is on par with my many MHS parts.

    I'm not in business with SF so I have no reason to support him. I simply believe in giving him an honest shake. I had a great experience and I thought it was only fair to share it. He also has a great eBay record.
  33. The Schlitzie

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    I'd love to get a hold of that new "Gladiator" saber he's posted on Ebay!
  34. Kamin Ressik

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  35. jedijim3002

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    I just bought one of his Jedi Luke V1 sabers with the soundboard and it can in just over a week. No problems and it is an amazing piece if work. Very durable and feels well built in hand. The sandwich design is killer. It really is everything I was hoping for. Ordered it the first week if December and got it soon after. It was under the tree this year. Bought through eBay. If buy from him again if I had the chance and wanted something he was offering. Great guy. Great communication. No problems at all.
    A few pics of my son and daughter fighting over it.
  36. Outcast

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    Hi i would like to buy a saber off saberforge but i am unsure if its a good company. Are there any uk buyers how could let me know how there order went
  37. R2Matt

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    I ordered one this time last year, and another yesterday. I love the quality of it, and have never had any problems. I am located in the UK and it got here in one piece. It did take around 6 weeks, but it always takes time getting it over here.

    I would recommend them!
  38. The Schlitzie

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    Well, I had great experiences with Phillip's sabers, but those were already made and ready to go out the door ones. I ordered a hollow hilt Gladius about 7 weeks ago which seems like a bit of an excessive wait time. But I was told all sabers, fully loaded with electronics or hollow have the same wait time.

    Inquired about my hilt yesterday night and had a reply when I got home from work today that the hilt will be shipped out Monday, woohoo!

    The build time seems a bit long, which is understandable if he's a busy guy though. I just didn't know the turnaround time at the time when I ordered one.

    Oh well! The hilt is done and will be on it's way, so I'm happy. :thumbsup
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  39. HalfPint Harley

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    IF you get the saber, the build quality is actually good. However, I will never ever ever buy from him again. He was, at the time, the only one selling tonfa style sabers for my Maris Brood costume. I ordered a basic set, as hers aren't fancy. There was an issue with the soundboard, so I said I would wait a bit for the cheaper, newer ones to come in. After that, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with him. Delay after delay, until it was too late to get a refund through my credit card company. I had given up, sourced a set from elsewhere, and then out of the blue... they show up, all fancy and customised to 'make up' for the 6 month delay. This was after I had repeatedly emailed him trying to cancel the order.

    Now.. I do like them.. and I use them often, but he's an awful businessman and I wouldn't recommend ever sending him any money.
  40. ataru72ita

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    Ok Here I am, because I had very good experience with aus custom sabers and with Ultra sabers. From the first ones I bought a Yoda MR fx, converted by them into combat. I also bought from them a Count Dooko display base.
    The saber was well converted and the illuminator is quite good. I used a bit, I have it till X-mas and everything well. It's an easy conversion but actually the guys have good comunication and the shiipment went through (I'm in Italy). Not a great packaging, but survived the journey!!

    Ultra sabers, I have two. Very happy with comunications, the package was very well preserved by plenty of internal big bubble filling. It's a Rock solid built and very heavy and durable. I have an Aeon LE V3 with no sound and green blade, I have an Emerald driven Guardian with sound and fully customizabe flash on clash and blade colour. This one looks fantastic, it's really heavy, but I think is a bit too big to be screen accurate, being the raplica of Obi Wan Kenobi from the prequel trilogy.

    Hope this helps.


  41. The Schlitzie

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    Well, update time on this. I had finally received my saber on march 7th. I noticed something didn't look right underneath the emitter so I took it off and found a gouge. I'm not sure if someone saw this and then put the bladed plug over it to cover it up?...I dunno. So anyways, I printed out the replacement paperwork and sent it back a few days later.

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  42. Armatus Cosplay

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    I recently purchased an empty Gladius saber from SF, with which I am very happy. He answered my emails promptly, and also obliged my request to rush build and deliver my saber hilt, to get it ready in time for a local event. My saber arrived just 2 weeks later and although the packaging was damaged, the saber was flawless. The machining on the saber is incredible, and the saber itself is very well designed and detailed. It's all one piece, so it's very sturdy, and there is even a built in slot that houses a retention screw to hold down the LED assembly, which is a SUPER nice touch, so the LED assembly won't be able to slide out of the saber when there is no blade inserted. The saber also was shipped to me with a blade plug, though I didn't order one, so that's cool.

    The edges on this particular saber aren't exactly comfortable. They're not sharp enough to cut you, just enough to make handling the saber a bit unpleasant. However, this can quickly be remedied with some 320 grit sandpaper and an hour or so of sanding. After that, the Gladius feels like butter in my hands, very smooth and very well placed choke sections. The leather also feels really nice in your hands and a bit grippy, although it is starting to peel away from the saber a bit.

    You can read more about my review and plans on wiring the saber here:

    And here's some pics I took of the saber;

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  43. The Schlitzie

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    Great looking saber @IceTyrant ! I just heard back from Saberforge, and my replacement is being shipped out today yay! It's been quite an ordeal but he sure does make some awesome looking sabers.
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  44. The Schlitzie

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    Well, I was happy to get my replacement saber in the mail today! It looks great, and came with a blade plug and an extra covertech and wrenches.

    On a downside, now that I have my saber, they come out with a "grey weathered" Arena Hilt that looks amazing! Dang, lol!
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    hey guys, its been a long time since I long that I had to recreate a new account to post. lol. fitting I suppose because this thread hasn't been updated in 2 years.

    I wanted to share my Saber Forge experience with all of you, because I am so very frustrated with their customer service.

    My order was placed on Feb 18 of this year.

    A week after ordering I informed them that I work for and that I would be reviewing the product. In the same email I also asked when I could expect my order? He said the time was around 10 weeks.

    10 weeks rolled around and I asked him where my order was...they said that with celebration 7 happening in Anaheim he had been very busy, and that my order would be fast tracked for convince.

    I waited 2 and finally I get an email saying that my order has a USPS tracking number and has been added to the build list. Allow 10 days for shipping to update. Also in the email Saber Forge has my order listed as "shipped". so I logged in to confirm and indeed it says shipped. I checked the USPS tracking number and it has not shipped. So I waited 10 days before replying to them again, figuring maybe its on the build list and it just says shipped for some reason.

    As of last Friday this is where I stand. I am currently waiting for a response.

    I sent you an email on Monday regarding my order. your system says that it was added to the build list and the status was listed as shipped. when i checked the USPS tracking code they have not received it yet. You sent me the same email a second time. I figured ok maybe it hasn't shipped, its on the build list, it will ship in 10 days so ill check then. today would be 10 days and i still haven't received an update.

    1 week late, understandable things happen,
    2 weeks late, ok a little disappointing but ok
    3 weeks late...this is a problem that needs addressed
    4 weeks late.....absolutely unacceptable.

    I feel like iv been very patient up to this point. Im sure you do great work but i asked you at the beginning how long it would take. you said 10 weeks. at the 10 week mark you told me that you would fast track the order. that was over 3 weeks ago.

    when can i actually expect my order?

    Ill keep you posted on the progress. when I finally do get to review the actual product ill link it here as well.

    I really don't want to cancel. iv heard they make a really great product. but this is ridiculous... and honestly more then anything its disappointing.
  46. Kylash

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    His Etsy page says 3-4 week shipping on all product pages, so maybe the stuff he has posted there is ready made?
  47. sabersiao

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    it took just one order for me to say no to this guy. no matter how nice the saber are.

    i believe the saber are build to order. first from china then to US
  48. ZombieBait

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    I have never purchased directly from the company, neither website nor etsy, but I know standard wait time is 12 weeks (I believe their parts are fabricated overseas, and the installs are done here).

    Keeping that in mind, I have owned eight sabers from the company purchased on the secondary market (three Gladius, Rebel, Avenger, Consular, Fury, Jade Fire) and have been very happy with their quality, and had no issues with their construction. The only possible thing that could be held against them is the machining - not the quality, but the fact that quite a few of the sabers had razor sharp edges. I would go so far as to say that the Gladius is the best overall lightsaber I've ever owned...for display or dueling.

    Truly, if you can look past the wait time and personalities involved, Saberforge sabers are great for the price and a good entry into the saber game (before you build your own one of a kind from MHS parts ;) )
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  49. Apollo

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    Wow people still send money to this guy? :facepalm
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    finally got my order. twas a month late, and he eventually stopped responding to my emails. tisk tisk. customer service is 50% of whatever it is you are selling. if you don't have that then you don't have anything worth my time or yours.

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