Saberforge or Ultrasabers?


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What's up guys!

Which company of custom sabers do you prefer? Which one gives you more value? Which one is more reliable?

JJ Griffin

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Wasn't almost this same question asked less than week ago?

Saberforge's are more expensive with a longer wait but higher quality

Ultrasabers are cheaper but less reliable, typically due to the wiring on the components inside.

Wade Vox

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Never had a problem with my 5 ultra sabers and they were all grab bags from them. My brother has 2 and my friend has 3 I think I, they haven't had problems either, so I'd say ultra sabers are good quality. I'd recommend them.


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i've bought from both and saberforge clenched it for me the tiny details are seemingly better finished and as they say the devil is in the details !

Psab keel

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Why not build your own? The Custom Saber Shop would be a good place to start and if you're on a budget may be the best option for you.