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Is there any news about the Chinese factory and shipping?
So here is where we are at.
We approved the last protypes we got with a few notes(that the 3d printed parts for the windows and buttons be switches to clear resin so the button could illuminate better and the emitter windows glow and that the hand guard details greeblies be printed in a finish that was closer to the hilt, not a huge thing if they had to be painted by end user as they came out more matte, but we requested this)

In December We paid 60% for the batch payment( meaning we have already paid for 5 prototypes and the cost of those prototypes is high, was around $11,000 but gets taken out of the batch invoice, the cost for mass quantity production)

The invoice said 6-8 weeks. I always double what they say. So I assumed march early april.
I message every week and they say its on track and show me photos of the process.
Then the chinese government 0 covid policy lockdowns happened in their area and I assumed they were already behind and this pushed them farther behind.

Mid april they sent me photos and I spotted that they did not listen to our request about changing the finish of the 3d printed parts finish( even though they acknowledged and agreed to the request) and they used an outdated file for the coupler part. the coupler is the part the chassis attatched to and where the optional crystal chamber is placed.
They argued with me they were using the correct file. I showed them evidence they used the wrong one.
This took 3 weeks just to get them to agree they used the wrong part and begin adjusting what they made to match the correct file.
The difference between the correct file and the one they used was just some material had to be removed on what they already made.
So the couplers are being fixed and everything else is begin anodized.

The shop doing the blade for us is to print the parts out of the finish we needed( its costing a lot more but we are happy to pay it) and they are very reliable.

The other issue we have is the shop making the hilt parts is telling us they can not do for us what they did for the main handle. Namely to anodize all black then polish off the grips to expose to the raw alu. This is frustrating because this was the agreed finish but they are saying it will take 3 months. Forget that we say! From what they deliver we then take it to a local shop to powder coat in black chrome.
So our solution to this is to have them deliver this part in raw aluminum(either sand blaster or polished) then we will enamel spray black then removed the enamel from the top grips to expose the alu, then take to the powder coaters to powder coat the whole piece making it very durable as well, no need to worry about the enamel wearing down because will have the powder coating over it.
This process will be a lot more work for us but in the end it will be a better finish because the enamel will smooth out any un avoidable tooling marks in the grooves, anodizing does not do this.
Also when the shop was removing the anodizing they were doing it with a polisher and it did remove some aluminum and make it un even in some places.

We are sorry for these delays, we can promise though it will be worth the wait and it means the blades and crystal chamber could be ready as well.

When we feel confident with the hilt shops shipping we will let everyone know.

Please let us know have you any questions or concerns.


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Will the final product have the same/similar color to the prototype images in the main post, or will there be parts we will need to paint ourselves?

As a separate question. How would you rate the potential dueling grade?


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Appreciate the update, thanks for taking the time to keep us in the loop. Really looking forward to this!

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